You Never Know What You Might Find in Your Own Backyard (Adventures in Nature!)

Adventures in NatureI have lived in the same town for a few years now.  I thought I knew what there was to know.  There’s a great park very close.  And I even found a cute little garden that is open to the public and relatively private.  There are some paths near the little creek that runs through.

On the way out of town there’s a little area called the Riparian Park.  I had noticed it before, but hadn’t paid too much attention to it.  It didn’t really look that exciting to be honest.  I love to be in nature, but for some reason this area didn’t seem (from the road) to be much more than a little spot by the creek.

Warwick Riparian ParkUntil one day we parked and check it out.

It is beautiful.  There’s a little trail, picnic tables.  This spring with lots of trees.  It’s not that far from the road, but when you get down next to the stream you don’t even notice.

NatureThere is a wetland preserve there, too, with a pond and lots of bullfrogs.

All of this is just minutes from our home.  In fact, I could walk there (if I were in the mood for a nice long walk.)

I had driven by this park lots of times without stopping to check it out and now it’s one of my most favorite places to be.

NatureSo what are you missing right in your own backyard?

Get out and look.  See an interesting park you usually pass by?  Stop and check it out.

A cute shop you’ve never been in?  Check out it.  You never know what may inspire you.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and just observe things you never noticed before.  There might be architecture you missed or a beautiful tree.

Lately I have been finding things like this all the time.  Just this morning I was walking down a sidewalk I walk by probably every single day and noticed how beautiful the flowers were.  I hadn’t noticed them in all the days prior.

There are so many things right in your own backyard that you might have missed.  Try to find something new each day!


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