Jewelry Making Quick Tip: Working a Clasp

Jewelry Making Quick Tip: Working a Clasp Long

Did you ever make a necklace or bracelet with a lobster clasp and then have the clasp fail and your jewelry piece fall off?

Today’s Jewelry Making Quick Tip will help you!


Working a Clasp


It’s disappointing and somewhat embarrassing, but this tip will save you that embarrassment.

When you get a bunch of lobster clasps, a few in the bunch will not work.  It’s pretty frustrating, but it almost always happens.

Before you use a lobster clasp, work it.

All I mean by that is you simply open and close it about 10 times.  If it’s not going to work, you’ll know and you can use a different clasp.  If it’s working for those 10 times, then you’re safe.

This is particularly important if you’re planning on selling jewelry.  You want to make sure that your customer doesn’t have any issues down the road.

So that’s the Jewelry Making Quick Tip for today.  I hope it saves you some frustration and embarrassment.

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