Wire Wrapped Loop Chain & Bead Bracelet Tutorial [Video]

Wire Wrapped loop Chain & Bead Bracelet Tutorial

I love the wire wrapped loop chain.  I think it looks so dainty and pretty with a little touch of edginess.  It’s sturdy for all of your chain needs.

So today I have another variation, the Wire Wrapped Loop Chain and Bead Bracelet.  We’ll interconnect wire wrapped bead links with the links from the chain and make a lovely bracelet.

Wire Wrapped Loop Chain & Bead Bracelet Tutorial

I like wearing my bracelets stacked, a bunch of favorites on my wrist.  Today’s bracelet and last week’s wire wrapped chain loop bracelet go together really well.  You can find all kinds of bracelet tutorials here on my blog for inspiration.

Wire Wrapped Loop Chain & Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Here’s today’s video tutorial:

I hope you found it inspiring!  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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