Wire Wrapped Bead Link Video Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Bead Link Tutorial

Today I have a video tutorial for a basic component of wire wrapped jewelry, the Wire Wrapped Bead Link.

Learn this technique and then you can use it in your jewelry pieces in many ways!  Next week we’ll use this as a focal in a jewelry piece.

Wire Wrapped Bead Link Tutorial

Video Tutorial:

Are you itching to get started making wire wrapped jewelry?

I invite you to check out and enroll in my eCourse Wire Wrapping for Beginners.

Wire Wrapping for Beginners includes:

  • Jewelry components and findings that are the basic ingredients for jewelry pieces; and
  • Jewelry projects recipes using those components.

All the component tutorials include videos and PDFs that have photo + written step-by-step instructions.  The jewelry project recipes include those components and ideas for customizing the pieces to your own preferences and style so you can express your creativity.

Enroll now and get started right away and keep lifetime access.

Learn more and see the full curriculum at Wire Wrapping for Beginners.

Wire Wrapping for Beginners


  1. Tracy says:

    Kim, thank you SO much for this tutorial! You’ve read my frustrated mind. Haha I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to make bead links for my necklaces and the loops are always uneven. I never thought about making them wire wrapped! I’m sure I’ll be watching your video again. You make it look so easy and effortless!
    Again, thank you so much!

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