Wire in Ring Making

Wire in Ring Making

I’m often asked about what wire to use for jewelry making projects.  The answer really depends on the project you’re making.

In this video I tell you about the main wire used for ring making.

Important things to remember:

1.  The wire you use will depend on the actual ring you’re making.  If you’re making a ring from a tutorial of mine, I will tell you what type of wire to use.

2.  If you are new to jewelry making or if you’re experimenting with a ring project, you probably want to use a less expensive wire to experiment with such as copper, brass or a plated copper wire.  You can find these wires in craft stores in the jewelry making section or even in hardware stores (for brass and copper.)

3.  The number for ring gauge is higher for thinner wires and lower for thicker wires.  So 18 gauge wire is thicker than 20 gauge wire.

4.  If you don’t have exactly the gauge of wire that is called for in a project, don’t be afraid to experiment with other gauges of wire.

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