Wire Heart Bracelet Tutorial

Wire Heart Bracelet TutorialIf you have been following me for a while, you probably already know I love working with wire!  When I was recently cleaning out my jewelry supply/craft storage shelves (as I promised in Episode 2 of ECT TV) I came across this sweet pink wire.

Is it perfect for Valentine’s Day or what?

This is a very sweet dainty bracelet that you can make with pink wire like I did or use silver or copper.

(Note:  You can purchase different color wire at AC Moore or Michael’s and probably other craft stores.)

Wire Heart TutorialMaterials and Tools:

  • Wire – I used 20 gauge pink copper wire.  You can use any color wire you like or silver or copper
  • 7 mm jump rings – as many as you need to connect the hearts plus have a few at the end to connect your bracelet, this will vary depending on the length of your bracelet, but I used about 12
  • Lobster clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose and a second pair of pliers (I like bent nose) – this is to open the jump rings

Wire Heart Bracelet Tutorial:

Step #1

Wire Heart TutorialWire Heart TutorialCut off a piece of wire about 2 1/2″ long.  Make sure both side are flush cut (use the flat side of the wire cutters as seen in the photo)

Step #2

Wire Heart TutorialFind the middle of the wire.

Step #3

How to make a wire heart braceletHow to make a wire heart braceletHow to make a wire heart braceletPut your chain nose pliers in the middle of the wire and bend making a “V” out of the wire.

Step #4

How to make a wire heart braceletHow to make a wire heart braceletHold one end of the wire in between round nose pliers in the biggest part of the pliers near the handles.  The tip of the wire should not be poking through the top.  In fact, for this project, the wire tip should be more in the middle of the barrels of the wire and not at the top.

Step #5

How to make a wire heart braceletHow to make a wire heart braceletTwist your wrist away from you while  wrapping the wire around the barrel of the pliers, starting to form a loop (do not complete the loop.)

Once you twist as far as you can, readjust the wire and continue.

How to make a wire heart braceletThis is what it will look like when you’re done.

Step #6

How to make a wire heart braceletRepeat for the other side.

Note:  If it ends up that your loops don’t look the same, you can fix them by just taking your pliers and adjusting the wire as needed.

How to make a wire heart braceletStep #7

How to make a wire heart braceletRepeat until you have the number of hearts you need.  I have a large wrist and like my bracelets to be loose and I used 8 hearts.  (You might want to make about 4 more for earrings as well!)

Step #8

How to make a wire heart braceletHow to make a wire heart braceletHow to make a wire heart braceletOpen a jump ring.  Hold the jump ring in two pliers (I’m using chain nose and bent nose pliers).  The opening should be in the middle of the pliers.  Then go straight forward with one pair and back with the other pair opening the jump ring, but keeping the circle intact.  Do not pull apart the jump ring sideways.

Note:  I like to open as many as I need for a project at one time.

Step #9

How to make a wire heart braceletHow to make a wire heart braceletPlace two hearts on the jump ring (I connected the hearts top to bottom) and close the jump ring in the same way you opened it, but opposite.

Step #10

How to make a wire heart braceletAfter connecting the hearts, add a few jump rings to one end and use a lobster clasp at the other end.

How to make a wire heart braceletWould you like some earrings to match?

How to make a wire heart earringsI just connected 2 hearts together and then added earring wires.

How to make a wire heart braceletWant to customize your bracelet?  Here are some ideas:

  • Use different wire.
  • Make every other heart with a different wire.
  • Make one larger heart in a statement color and do the rest of the hearts in silver.
  • Make one heart and then add chain.

How did you like the tutorial?

If you found it on the difficult side or you really haven’t used wire before, you want to check out my Wire Wrapping for Beginners Book (eBook or print book!)

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  • Make a bead dangle.
  • Open earring wire (and close!)
  • Open and close jump rings.
  • Make bead links.
  • Wire wrap a side-drilled bead.
  • Use curb chain.
  • Use lobster clasps.
  • Wire wrap ordinary objects (like monopoly games and beach stones)
  • Simple bead stringing.
  • Make a variety of earrings, including making your own hoops.
  • Make a variety of bracelets.
  • Make a variety of necklaces.
  • And 6 wire rings!

Plus you’ll learn more about tools, wire, designing jewelry and different ideas for jewelry design.  Each project has ideas to customize it further!

Most importantly, you’ll be more comfortable using wire and making jewelry.  The more comfortable you are with a skill, the more creative you can get with it!

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  1. marlene strait says:

    Love the heart bracelet, but how sturdy is it? If it would get caught and you pulled does it come apart? Just wondering. Like your videos.

    • Kimberlie says:

      Hi Marlene,
      I’ve worn mine and it hasn’t gotten caught. It’s pretty sturdy, but I would maybe say if you’re worried to save it for more special occasions where you’re not doing things that could make it get caught on something. Or alternatively make it into a necklace and then you should have no worries. 🙂


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