Why is Making Earrings so Great for Creativity? (7 ways)

Why is Making Earrings so Great for Creativity?

As I’m getting ready for Earrings Every Day Month and Earrings eCourse, I have making a lot of earrings.  I’m becoming a little obsessed with them.  Before this, I have to say bracelets were always my favorite thing to make, but right now it’s definitely earrings.

Making so many earrings is really sparking my creativity.


7 Reasons making earrings is so great for creativity:

1.  You concentrate your creativity in just a little burst of time.  Since it takes such a small amount of time (compared to other jewelry) to make a pair of earrings, you get this quick burst of creativity.  You can start the process and have a finished piece in very little time and feel great about having accomplished it!

2.  While making earrings you get a boost of creativity, but then you get to be creative again when you’re putting them together with your outfit.

3.  You get to wear your creativity!  You’ll have a reminder of your creativity that you can look at all day.

4.  You get a boost of confidence just from wearing your earrings, but you can also tell people you made them and get a sense of pride.

5.  Taking time for yourself to do something creative will help you with stress reduction and feel better all day.

6.  It takes very little materials to make earrings, so there isn’t a lot of cost involved compared to other creative endeavors.  So you can make more of them and be even more creative.

7.  Plus, earrings make great gifts, so you can share your creativity with others.

Earrings Every Day Month

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