Why is Creativity Important? (And tips to connecting with your creativity)


The word creativity gets thrown around a lot.  I think we all have different ideas of what it actually means.  There have been times in my life where people have told me I’m creative when I haven’t felt that way.  There have been plenty of times in my life, too, where I was creative and no one else even saw my creativity.

Some people think of creative activities as a means for something fun to do or a way to spend time more meaningfully.

Creativity also is freedom.

Creativity also gives you a chance to express yourself.

Creativity allows us to transform our reality.  When we are connected with our creativity our state of mind actually changes.

Have you ever been working on something and time just seems to stand still – or it flies by and you have no idea what time it is or what happened to the time?  That’s flow.

When you’re in a state of flow you are connected with your creativity and it does change your state of mind.  It changes your reality.

There have been some really tough times in my life where I just sat down at my work table and started creating.  It doesn’t cheer you up necessarily, but it puts you in a state of mind where you can deal with problems or challenges in a better way.  I have gotten through most of the hardest times in my life by making jewelry.

In order to get to that state of flow, you have to practice.  It’s important to have a daily practice.  That could mean making jewelry, walking, writing in a journal, playing a saxophone or many other things.  Each day it’s important to take time for yourself, so then when those challenges in life do come up (yes, they always will!) you can handle them with less stress.  You can get your mind into a state that can deal with them more easily.

You can give more attention to your creative connection and less attention to the problems.  Yes, of course, deal with the problems, but if you give your creativity the attention first, dealing with the problems becomes less stressful.

Not every problem needs to be immediately dealt with.  Sometimes it takes some processing.

How can you give more attention to this creative connection than to your problems or challenges?

  1. Take time for yourself each day to connect with your creativity.  (I know, you don’t have time.  No one does.  You will never get more time, you just have to make time!)
  2. Practice each day.  It could be making jewelry.  It could be writing in a journal.  Maybe you’re a musician, a painter….Every day just do a practice of some sort just for yourself.
  3. Try something new!  Especially something you have always wanted to and didn’t think you could.  Want to crochet?  Give it a try.  Want to write?  Have at it.  Want to draw?  Do it!  Want to make jewelry?  Well, start right here for free!  Create whatever you want, however you want to without worry!  No one needs to see it.  It’s just for you!
  4. Seek out educational opportunities to master these skills.  (Here on the blog I have free tutorials and resources to get you started making jewelry.  Check out the free mini eCourse an exercise to get your creativity flowing, jewelry making skills and a jewelry project you can try right now.)
  5. Not sure where to start?  Sign up for Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.  You will try out different ways to get your creativity flowing, learn jewelry skills and make jewelry projects.

I hope you can take the time each day for yourself to connect with your creativity.  Even if you are going through a rough time right now and don’t think you have the strength to go do something creative (I know how you feel.  I have been there), just try it anyway.  You may be amazed at how much it helps!

Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry

Rediscover your creativity through making jewelry is a 6 week eCourse that’s held once or twice each year.  (If it’s not open right now, make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get notified when it’s open again!)

Each week you will receive an email from me, a “creativity booster” (an activity aimed at getting your creativity flowing), jewelry making skills and jewelry projects.

You’ll get a tool chest of ideas for your daily practice that I mentioned above to boost your creativity, learn how to make jewelry and have some great jewelry pieces at the end of it!


  1. Monica Pruette says:

    Thank you for taking the time to help people to learn & grow. I am a novice jewelry maker looking to sell some of my work since I am a disabled mother. I want to help my family in any way that I can. I am also bipolar like you so I do know how therapeutic creativity it.
    Again, thank you. Blessed Be.

    • Kimberlie says:

      Thank you for your comments. I’m so happy I can help! 🙂
      (And just keep in the back of your head in the new year I plan to teach a beginning jewelry business eCourse, so watch for that in 2015!) 🙂
      Please let me know if you have any questions along the way.

  2. Diana says:

    “deal with the problems, but if you give your creativity the attention first, dealing with the problems becomes less stressful.” I really appreciate this thought! Thanks Kimberlie.

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