Vintage Elements Charm Necklace


Vintage Elements Charm NecklaceI love to use old items to make unique jewelry.  

In other words, using ordinary objects to make extraordinary jewelry!

Making this sort of jewelry takes a little planning.  You don’t get a collection this varied by going to a store and picking it up one day.  You find things here and there as you go along and eventually you have a collection to choose from.

Vintage Elements Charm Necklace in ProgressWhat is in the Vintage Elements Charm Necklace, and where did I get them?

1.  Piece of a vintage ruler – I purchased this pre-cut and pre-drilled on Etsy.

2.  Tiny skeleton key – I don’t actually remember where I got this key, but I pick them up everywhere I find them, such as antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales.

3.  Buttons – I collect them through yard sales, thrift stores, estate stores, etc.

4.  Zipper – I purchased a bunch of them at Lancaster Creative Reuse.  To use them, I just cut the bottom of the zipper and slid the zipper pull off.

5.  Crystal Bead – I bought a bunch of costume jewelry at an estate sale, and this was one of the broken pieces.  I took apart this necklace and made this dangle bead charm.

6.  Clock Hand – I also purchased the clock hands at Lancaster Creative Reuse.

7.  Rusty Washer – I found this in a parking lot and thought it was beautiful.  I sealed it with lacquer that is made for this purpose.

8.  Chandelier Crystal – The chandelier was broken and I bought the pieces from my friend who owned the chandelier.

9.  Little Metal Vintage Number – I purchased a few dozen from someone who had a large collection of these.

To put this necklace together:

If the element could be added to the chain with a jump ring, I used a jump ring.  Otherwise, I wire wrapped the elements.

Vintage Elements Charm NecklaceWhat do you have around your house that you can make into a necklace?

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