Upcycled Plastic Bag Flowers Tutorial

Plastic Bag FlowersPlastic Bags are a huge threat to our environment.  We all know we should be using reusable bags for our groceries, but I know that we all forget.  They can add up really quickly.

The fact that they are suffocating wildlife and floating in our waterways makes me want to find ways to reuse the bags I do have (and not collect any more!)

I couldn’t believe how beautifully these flowers turned out!

Here’s the tutorial:

Plastic Bag Flowers Tutorial MaterialsMaterials and Tools:

  • Plastic Bags (I used 2 per flower)
  • Floral Wire (1 stem per flower)
  • Scissors

Step #1

Cut the bag Cut the bags.  First cut off the top straps and then across the bottom.

Step #2

Cut the bags into rectangles.  I made mine 10″ tall by 7″ wide.  You can really make these any size you want.  I had 8 sheets of plastic bags.

Step #3

Fold up the cut bags accordion style.  My folds are about 1″.  If you used smaller pieces of plastic bags, you’ll want to make your folds smaller.

Step #4

Fold the folded up bags in half.  Put two cuts on the fold on each side, but don’t cut all the way across.

Step #5

Cut the ends into curves.  (Or try points for a different look!)

Step #6

Fold the floral wire in half.

Step #7

Put the folded floral wire onto the plastic bag where the notches are.

Step #8

Twist the floral wire all the way to the ends.

Step  #9

Spread out the plastic bag flower.

Step #10

Pull apart the layers of the plastic bag folds.  Start in the middle and pull toward the center.  (HINT:  do one side then the other back and forth.)

Step #11

Fluff your flower until it looks how you want.  Enjoy your flower!

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