Tutorial: Canvas Earring Holder

Canvas Earring Holder
Do you have your earrings in a drawer hoping that the 2 earrings of the pair are close enough that you won’t have to spend 15 minutes just looking for a matched set?

I did, too.  That’s until I came up with a solution that not only cuts down my time looking for a pair of earrings, but also is beautiful and displays my earrings like the little works of art they are.
Canvas Earring Holder

Canvas Earring Holder Tutorial
Canvas Earring Holder

Materials and Tools:

  • Canvas that is mounted on wood
  • Tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • A variety of lace or ribbon
  • Hammer
  • Small nails
  • Floral wire

Step #1

Canvas Earring Holder

Prepare your canvas.

Whatever you do on your canvas will be the background for your earrings when they’re hanging.  You could choose to do whatever you like such as painting it.  However, I have a unique technique that I really love.

I used an 8″ x 10″ canvas, although I have made these with larger canvases to fit more earrings.

Canvas Earring Holder

Add a thick layer of Mod Podge to the entire canvas and around the sides.

Canvas Earring Holder

Crinkle a sheet of tissue paper and place is on the canvas, wrinkling it places as you go along.

Note:  If you happen to rip the tissue paper, just add more.  You won’t even notice when it’s done and dry.

Canvas Earring Holder

Go all the way around along the canvas edges.

Canvas Earring Holder

Allow it to dry completely.  After it’s dry, trim any excess tissue paper.

Step #2

Canvas Earring Holder

Cut out several pieces of lace or ribbon to fit across the canvas with extra to wrap around the back and be secured.

I used a variety of lace, which works really well.  You can use all the same type of lace or use ribbon.

(In the photo you’ll see I cut out 6 pieces, but I ended up only using 5 of them.)

Step #3

Canvas Earring Holder
We’ll work on one piece of lace/ribbon at a time.

Wrap the lace/ribbon across the front and around the side.  Hammer a small nail through the lace/ribbon into the wood from the canvas.  Do this for both sides of the lace/ribbon.

Note:  Make sure that your nails are not longer than the thickness of the canvas or they’ll poke out the front.

Canvas Earring Holder

Step #4

Canvas Earring Holder

Repeat Step #3 for all the lace/ribbon.

Trim off any excess.

Hint:  Consider what kinds of earrings you’ll be hanging when you’re deciding how far apart to place your lace/ribbons.  Do you have a lot of dangle earrings that require more room?
Step #5
Canvas Earring Holder

Hammer in a nail on each side of the back of the canvas near the top.  Allow some room and do not hammer them in all the way.  (We’ll secure wire to them to hang the earring holder.)

Step #6

Canvas Earring Holder
Canvas Earring Holder

Cut some floral wire and twist it around the nails on each side to create a hanger.

Step #7
Canvas Earring Holder

Canvas Earring HolderCanvas Earring Holder

Find a place to hang your earring holder and fill it up!

I eventually needed to add more:
Canvas Earring Holder

Now, you may need some more earrings to fill up your Canvas Earring Holders!  Why not sign up for my 10 Day Quick Start Guide to Wire Wrapped Jewelry?

By the end, you’ll make a pair of earrings (and you’ll be able to make many more to fill up your earring holders!)Plus, I have an Introduction to Making Earrings Guide that I’ll include as well!

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  1. Emily @SweetlyScrapped says:

    How cute! I really like this. And it's something that I feel like me and my daughter can do together which is a bonus! 🙂 Thank you

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