Tree Bark Earrings

Tree Bark EarringsTree Bark EarringsMaterials and Tools:

  • Tree bark
  • 4 Beads (2 sets of 2)
  • 2 Head pins
  • 2 Earring wires (or make your own)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers (or other pliers)

Step #1

Tree Bark EarringsGather your bark.

You don’t have to take the bark off the tree, you can find park around the ground from certain types of trees.  Check out your local parks.

Step #2

Tree Bark EarringsCut the bark into smaller pieces, just bigger in diameter than the beads.

You can use scissors or just break it apart.

Step #3

Tree Bark EarringsSlide a bead onto a head pin.

Step #4

Tree Bark EarringsPoke a hole in each piece of bark and slide it on the head pin, one on top of each other.  I used 6 pieces of bark stacked on top of each other.

IMG_9633Tree Bark EarringsStep #5

Tree Bark EarringsSlide another bead on top if you like.

Step #6

Tree Bark EarringsAdd a wrapped loop.  For a video tutorial on how to make a bead dangle, click here.

Be careful, the bark can be pretty delicate, in fact, I broke some off when I was making my dangles.  Just be gentle and you’ll be fine.

(So, that also would be an indication that these earrings probably aren’t for every day wear, but more for special earthy occasions!)

Step #7

Tree Bark EarringsAdd an earring wire to each.

Or you can make your own earring wires.

Tree Bark Earrings

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