Top 10 Free Jewelry Tutorials of 2013

Rediscover Your Creativity through making jewelry2013 has been such an amazing year at Emerging Creatively Tutorials.  It has been a year of change and transition.  I started the year selling my own handcrafted jewelry and then realizing that what I truly want to do is to teach others.  Then I went full-throttle on tutorials.  I released the Rediscover Your Creativity Through Making Jewelry eCourse, tons of jewelry has been made by thousands of people with my free tutorials on my website and my paid tutorials, eBooks and eCourses.

There’s so much more in store for 2014, including a new weekly YouTube TV show (ECT TV), new eCourses and a major amazing update for Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry.  In 2014 I want to teach even more woman to find their creativity through making jewelry!

But before we jump ahead to the new year, it’s always good to reflect and review what we did accomplish in the previous year.

Here are the Top 10 Free Jewelry Tutorials from my website in 2013:

a Wire Wrapped Charm Pendant#10  Wire Wrapped Charm Pendant

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with Beads#9  Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with Beads

Hammered Circle Pendant Tutorial#8 Hammered Circle Pendant Tutorial

Simple Stringing Tutorial#7  How to String Jewelry

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial#6  Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

African Christmas Bead Wire Statement Necklace#5  African Christmas Bead Wire Statement Necklace

How to Make a Multi-Strand Bracelet#4  Multi-Strand Bracelet with Button Accent

How to Make a Fringe Statement Necklace#3  Fringe Statement Necklace

Spiral earrings tutorial#2 Spiral Earrings

And my most popular tutorial…….

drum roll please….

Rose Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial#1  Wire Wrapped Rose Ring

(Which if I’m honest was posted in 2012, but it really gained a lot of popularity in 2013, so I let it reign!)

As for my For Sale Tutorials, my most popular are my Wire Wrapped Bead Ring, Craft Show Tips, Hardware Rings (Sorry, this is no longer available individually, but you get the tutorials in Rings Every Day Month Premium which happens each April) , Wire Wrapping for Beginners eBook and the Upcycled Chandelier Bracelet (Sorry, this is no longer available, but it is in Wire Wrapping for Beginners eBook) Tutorials.

Are you ready for 2014?!?!?

I am!  Make sure to be the first to know what I have in store by signing up for my email newsletter below.  You’ll get a free mini eCourse, too!

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