Tools & Supplies Needed for Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry [and how to get them inexpensively]

Tools and Materials Needed for Rediscover Your Creativity

My eCourse, Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry begins on March 5th.  You can get registered now.

The course is all about finding or rediscovering your creativity.  And it’s also about jewelry making.  Each week there is a creativity activity to boost your creativity (creativity boosters), lesson on how to do certain technical skills in jewelry making (jewelry skills lessons) and then full projects for making jewelry (jewelry projects.)

I set up the course so that you have the tools so that at any point you may start to get ideas of your own for jewelry designs.

This is a 6 week eCourse and there are 21 jewelry projects included.

For my workshops I typically let you know what you need for it beforehand.  This eCourse is a little different, but there are certain things you’re going to need.

I highly recommend that you use what you have on hand and be creative about making adjustments to the projects we’ll do.  (And I recommend that for any jewelry project that I teach!)

And because I don’t want you to have to break the bank to take this class, I’m also giving you some tips for getting supplies less expensively.

The video is almost 14 minutes long.  The same information is in the PDF below if you prefer to read!

Here is the PDF for the supplies and tools you’ll need:  Tools and Materials List

Please don’t miss out on Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry.  It’s only available once or twice a year.  Registration will close on March 5th.  After that, you’ll have to wait to get in again!

And even though it’s a 6 week course at a specific time, you really can work at your own pace.  You keep access to the course and all the content forever!

Learn more and register here:  Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry

Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse

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