Tools and Materials Needed to Make Wire Wrapped Rings

Tools Needed to Make Wire Wrapped Rings

I made a little video about the tools and materials you’ll need to make wire wrapped rings.  Rings Every Day Month is coming up starting on April 1st (learn more here), so this is a helpful introduction.

Even if you’re not participating in Rings Every Day Month (or you found this post after the fact) this is really helpful information if you want to make wire wrapped rings.

Tools & Materials Needed to Make Wire Wrapped Rings:

As a recap, you’ll need:

  • Wire cutters
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Chain or flat nose pliers
  • Serrated pliers
  • A ruler
  • Round nose pliers (for some rings, but not for all)
  • Wire – mostly 20 gauge half-hard round.  Learn more about wire for rings here.
  • Beads or other materials (if that’s the kind of ring you’re making.  Some rings are just all wire!)

Up for a ring challenge?  Try Rings Every Day Month!  There are two ways to participate.  You can sign up for the premium version and get a new wire wrapped ring tutorial every single day for a month beginning April 1st.  Or the free version where you’ll get a daily inspirational email, but not a tutorial.  (I’ll be sending out a tutorial to the free version once a week.)

Click here to learn more about it!

Rings Every Day Month Premium Calendar

About me (Kim):

I create jewelry making patterns, eBooks, Workshops and eCourses focused on wire and leaning toward clean designs.  My instructions help you clearly understand and successfully create jewelry and then use your own creativity to express yourself beyond my instructions.  I use clear, close up photos and videos and detailed instructions explaining everything you need to be successful.

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