Temporary Ice Art

Fire & Ice Festival


Last weekend my town (that just won the title coolest small town in America!) held its annual Fire & Ice Festival.

The festival features a block party on Friday night with ice sculpting, a chili cook off and winter festival, dodge ball, movie night, and more.  And my favorite part is seeing all of the ice sculptures around town. This year there were more than 50.

Fire & Ice Festival


There were lit up on Friday night, which was really awesome.

I walked around and got photos of a lot of the sculptures.  If you want to see them all, you can go to my Lititz, PA Fire & Ice Festival 2013 set on flickr by clicking here.

Fire & Ice Festival


Fire & Ice Festival


As I was walking around, I noticed that some of the sculptures were already beginning to melt because Friday was such a warm day.  It got me thinking, the sculptures spend a lot of time creating these pieces of art, but they are so temporary.  This year it turned very cold and the ice sculptures are doing well still.  Last year, they didn’t last more than a day before they were unrecognizable pieces of ice.

Fire & Ice Festival

The artists aren’t doing this for a permanent art piece.  Their muse is ice and they are aware that their art is temporary and just there for a few days – maybe longer if it stays cold enough.

So often when making art we’re told what supplies to use to create long lasting creations.  But what if the art I’m called to make isn’t meant to last forever?  What if something that is temporary is calling my name?  I say go for it anyway!  It will be beautiful and then it will be gone, and that’s perfectly okay.

What have you created that was only temporary?  How did you feel when it was gone?

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