Tea Cup Tower Tutorial

Tea cup tower tutorial

Tea cup tower tutorial


I needed some new displays for my craft show stand.  I want to freshen it up a bit.

I love the look of these towers made out of tea cups, plates, etc. so I decided to make a few.

These would be gorgeous for holding jewelry on your dresser, or lovely for snacks at a tea.

Here’s how I made them:

Tea Cup Tea Tower Tutorial

Tools and materials:

Gather up your mismatched plates, tea cups and bowls.  I also used candle holders and dessert dishes.  If you don’t have any you want to use at home, head to Good Will or your local thrift store.  They will have tons of them.

You also need E6000, which you can get at your nearest craft supply store.

I also used toothpicks to clean up any excess glue, but if you’re very careful, you may not need these.

Step #1

Tea Cup Tower Tutorial

Pick through the tea cups and dishes you have and design your towers.  I piled them up first without glue to make sure they were level and would sit correctly.

You really can get as creative as you want here.  Play with different colors and patterns.

Tea Cup Tower Tutorial

Step #2

tea cup tower

Tea Cup Tower Tutorial

On the very first one, I measured the bottom plate to find the exact middle.  I only did it once and just eyeballed it for the rest.  If you feel more comfortable, measure.  Once you put the tea cup on it, you won’t see it anyway, though.

For this one I used a large plate, an upside-down tea cup, a smaller plate and then a right-side tea cup.

Put glue around the rim of the side that is going to be glued to the bottom.  In my case I would be turning the tea cup upside-down, so I glued the top of the tea cup.

Step #3

Tea cup tower tutorial

Attach the tea cup to the plate.  See that excess glue around the tea cup?  I clean it up with toothpicks.

Step #4

Tea cup tower tutorial

Now, go around the the bottom of the tea cup (now on the top!) with the E6000.

Step #5

Tea cup tower tutorial

Place the plate on top.

Step #6

Tea cup tower tutorial

Add E6000 to the bottom of the final tea cup and add it to the top plate.

Step #7

Allow to dry at least 24 hours, and it’s better if you wait 72 hours.

Here’s how I made a tower with 2 bowls and a candle holder:

Tea cup tower tutorial

Tea cup tower tutorial

I also found that dessert cups worked well for the towers.

Tea cup tower tutorial

Tea cup tower tutorial

Tea cup tower tutorial

Tea cup tower tutorial

Once I got started, I got a little obsessed.  Now I have to figure out how I’ll easily transport them for craft shows!


Make sure to use E6000 in a ventilated area.  Make sure to open a window, etc.  Also, wherever you allow them to dry should be ventilated as well.  (You will no longer smell the E6000 and think everything is cool, and then your husband will walk in and pass out.)

I have no idea if these are dishwasher safe.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  They would be awkward to fit in a dishwasher anyway.

You can really use anything you want to make these.  Just make sure your dishes all stack well without gaps.

Have fun!  Let me know how yours worked out in the comments below!

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