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5 Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials

I love making spirals.  I feel like it’s kind of becoming a signature look of mine in my jewelry pieces. Spirals even show up in my paintings: So what is it about spirals that I love? I love how they just continuously keep going. I think they look cool. They fit into my simple, clean …

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ECT TV Episode 17: Wire Workshop

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using wire in jewelry making.  So this episode of ECT TV is all about wire. This is an overview of using wire, so if you still have questions, please feel free to contact me. Wire Workshop Wire Safety #1  Safety Glasses Your eyes are a very …

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Wire Wrapping for Beginners Day 15: Beaded Necklace with Wire Wrapping

This month I’m working my way though my own book, Wire Wrapping For Beginners, and making 1 project per day.  I wanted to show you different examples of the projects while making myself some new jewelry! Today is Day 14 and the project is Beaded Necklace with Wire Wrapping In the book I show you …

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