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Button Wreath Ornament

Need some more ornaments or some super cute gift toppers?  These are so quick and easy to make! Materials and Tools: Buttons! 24 gauge wire.  (You can use whatever you like.  I just used some silver plated wire I had, but you could even use the wire from the gardening section of the craft store …

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Wire Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

For this tutorial I drew a tree and then just basically followed the pattern with the wire.  This is the tree I drew.  It’s on a 4″ x 6″ index card, for your reference. Materials and Tools: 18 gauge wire 20 gauge wire Transparent Red Glass Crow Beads from Happy Mango Beads Transparent Green Glass …

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How to Make a Bead Dangle Wire Ring

This is a fun and easy ring tutorial you’re going to love to make a lot of.  These rings are super cute by themselves, but even cuter stacked (there’s two in the photo above!) They take very little supplies.  If you don’t have a ring mandrel, simply use a marker or thick highlighter to shape …

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