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Flower Bracelet Tutorial

Flower Bracelet TutorialI think we’ve all been guilty of this at sometime or another.  Buy a bunch of supplies we think are pretty.  Put them away.  Forget about them.

That happened to me with these pretty Lucite flowers.  I got a whole big bag of them.  I put them in one of my organized bins and I forgot about them.  Occasionally I would come across them, but never at a time I was really to make something with them.

Then yesterday I saw them and knew they were a perfect rainy day project.  (I know we need rain, I just prefer sunny, happy days!)  They brightened up my day, and I hope this project will brighten up yours!

Here’s how to make a Flower Bracelet:

Flower Bracelet TutorialMaterials and Tools:

  • Lucite flowers.  You’ll need about 50 total (to make 25 stacked flowers).  You may want to make some with three flowers, so I’d say 50+
  • Beads for the centers of the flowers, 25
  • Headpins, 25
  • Chain (the size of your wrist)
  • Clasp.  (Mine is from Happy Mango Beads)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

(Sorry, since posting this tutorial my extra Lucite flowers have sold you.  You can find them by searching on Etsy or eBay.)

Step #1

How to Make a Flower BraceletDesign your flowers.  I find that 2 or 3 of the flowers plus a bead is about perfect.  You’ll slide the bead on the head pin first, then your smallest flower and then the largest flower.

How to Make a Flower BraceletStep #2

How to Make a Flower BraceletHow to Make a Flower BraceletHow to Make a Flower BraceletHow to Make a Flower BraceletHold the head pin in your round nose pliers.  Start a wire wrap loop.  Wrap the end of the head pin around the round nose pliers and form a loop.

The loop will be off center, so straighten it.

Hint:  When I got into the groove of making these, this is how I did it.  I would form the loop and even start to wrap ever so slightly while straightening the loop and then put the loop open so it will easily slide on the chain.

Step #3

How to Make a Flower BraceletSlide the chain into the loop.

Step #4

How to Make a Flower BraceletHold the loop in chain nose pliers and then complete the wrapped loop by wrapping the wire around.

Trim off any excess and make sure the wire isn’t poking out.

How to Make a Flower BraceletHow to Make a Flower BraceletStep #5

How to Make a Flower BraceletContinue adding the flowers to the chain.

You can decide how many you would like to add.  I found that adding a flower on every other link is perfect for a full looking bracelet.  Don’t put them on every link unless your links are large.  I did that and it was overkill.  It makes the bracelet too bulky.  I thought it would be good, but I ended up removing every other flower.

Step #6

How to Make a Flower BraceletUsing jump rings add the clasp.

Need help opening and closing jump rings?  Check out this video.

Step #7

Flower Bracelet TutorialEnjoy your new bracelet!

Flower Bracelet TutorialFlower Bracelet TutorialFlower Bracelet TutorialFlower Bracelet TutorialI have more of these Lucite flowers than I will ever use, so I have listed four packs of them on etsy if you’re interested in making this bracelet.  Each pack has more than enough flowers to make this bracelet plus earrings, too!  Click here to see the packs.  sorry sold out!

Lucite FlowersWant to know more about making wrapped loops and other basic wire wrapping skills/jewelry making skills while making awesome projects?  Check out my Wire Wrapping for Beginners book!

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Wire Wrapping For Beginners Day 10: Bunch Earrings

Bunch Earrings With Lucite FlowersThis month I’m working my way though my own book, Wire Wrapping For Beginners, and making 1 project per day.  I wanted to show you different examples of the projects while making myself some new jewelry!

Today is Day 10 and the project is Bunch Earrings.

Bunch Earrings with Lucite FlowersWhen I designed the Bunch Earrings project, I was really thinking about beads.  I figured you could customize it with whatever beads you wanted, different amounts, etc., etc.

But I didn’t think about using flowers until I just recently make a bracelet (tutorial coming soon!!) with them.  I got to thinking, well these would make super cute earrings, too!

You just stack the flowers with the bead in the middle and follow the tutorial as it is in the book.

Bunch Earrings with Lucite FlowersIf you want to create along with me, grab the Wire Wrapping For Beginners book.  (You can purchase and instantly download the e-version or get the print version shipped to you!)

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