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ECT TV Episode 33: How to Make Ornate Headpins + Earrings

In this episode of ECT TV (Emerging Creatively Tutorials TV) you’ll learn how to make an ornate headpin from wire and then I’ll show you a quick project to use those headpins in. Don’t let your creativity end with what I show you, though.  Come up with your own design for your headpins!  And then …

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ECT TV Episode 22: How to Make a Bead Dangle Ring (…and where to get beads)

This week on ECT TV learn how to make a bead dangle wire ring!  Plus, I tell you where I get beads. Here’s the video for ECT Episode 22: Where I Get Beads: I have gotten some questions about this recently.  I know when you’re just starting out it can be overwhelming with all the …

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