Stacking Bracelets

Bracelet stacks

My love of jewelry making began with bracelets. 

When I was a kid I had this little purse/bag just filled with beads and I would make stretchy bracelets all the time.

To this day, bracelets are one of my favorite things to make.  You can really express yourself, but they don’t take as long as a necklace to make.

Lately the trend in jewelry is to wear layers:  a few necklaces layered, as many rings as you can get on your fingers and stacked bracelets.

Bracelet stacks

Recently I was wearing all of these bracelets together on one wrist at one time.

I have never been into “matchy-matchy” but I would rather have a collection of pieces that reflect my own personal taste.  (And if you are matchy-matchy, that’s perfectly A-OK, too!)

You can see the different bracelets:  different colors and textures.  And they’re made with different techniques as well.  Well, and one I didn’t make, but purchased at a used jewelry sale.

Bracelet stacks

You certainly don’t need to wear 7 bracelets.  You could wear just 2 or 3.  In fact, most often I wear 2 or I wear my watch with 1 or 2 bracelets, depending on my mood.

Once you have a collection of bracelets, you can really decide how you want to express yourself on any given day.

The 3 bracelets pictured above were all made with the same technique.  I show how to make them in ECT TV Episode 83.

I love have separate single bracelets as opposed to one multiple strand bracelet because then you can change your mind about what strands to wear together.

Bracelet stacks

Here is what these particular bracelets are:

Starting at the top with the tassel bracelet and working around to the right:

  • Chain tassel bracelet – I purchased it at a thrift store or used jewelry sale.
  • Yellow beaded bracelet using the technique from ECT TV Episode 83
  • Funky wire wrapped link bracelet – this is from Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse, my Brave Bracelet.  (I run Rediscover in sessions a couple of times a year.  Make sure you’re getting my emails to find out when it’s in session next.)
  • Blue beaded bracelet using the technique from ECT TV Episode 83
  • Knotted Link Bracelet – so much fun to make!  I have a workshop here that teaches you the technique.
  • Wire wrapped link bracelet – I just connected wire wrapped bead links to form a bracelet.  (I teach the technique here.)
  • Pink beaded bracelet – another bracelet that was made with the technique I teach in ECT TV Episode 83.

As you can see, simply using different beads with the same technique can really change up the look of a bracelet.

You can find all kinds of bracelet tutorials (both free and paid online workshops) by using the search bar and looking for bracelets here on my website.

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