Spiral and Dangle Earrings Tutorial

How to make earringsI’m loving these unique earrings!  You really customize them to how you like them, too!

First, make yourself a pair of spiral earring wires.  You’ll find the Spiral Earring Wires Tutorial here.  I’ll also refer you to that tutorial to learn how to make a coil.

Let’s get started!

How to make earringsTools and Materials:

  • Spiral Earring Wires (click on the link for the tutorial)
  • 2 Beads.  I used Clear Round Tabular Recycled Glass Beads 14mm from Happy Mango Beads
  • 20 gauge wire, half hard
  • 16 gauge wire, half hard
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers (or another pair of pliers)
  • Chasing hammer and steel block or anvil *

*Alternatively for this project if you don’t have a jewelry specific hammer, you really can try using any hammer.

Step #1

How to Make Spiral Earring WiresMake spiral earring wires using the tutorial found here.

Step #2

Spiral Earring Wire TutorialsCreate a coil with a spiral exactly as in the spiral earring tutorial.  You’ll need a total of 4 of these using 20 gauge wire.

Step #3

For the next step you’re going to make bead links with 2 of the coils and a bead for each one.  Use 20 gauge wire for the bead links.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to make a bead link:

First make one end of the bead link and slide on one of the coils.

Step #4

How to Make EarringsPush down the coil/spiral so it stays in place on the wire.

Step #5

how to make earringsSlide on a bead and then another coil/spiral.  Again, push down the spiral so it stays in place on the wire.

Step #6

how to make earringsComplete the bead link.  Make two making bead links.

Step #7

how to make earringsCut 3 pieces of 16 gauge wire for the dangle parts on the bottom.  I cut mine 2 1/2″ for the long pieces, and 1 1/2″ for the other pieces.  You can certainly decide how long you would like to make your dangles.

Step #8

how to make earringshow to make earringsMake a “P” loop at the end of each wire.  Then bend it so that the loop is centered on top of the wire.  (Please refer back to the Spiral Earrings Wire tutorial for more about how to make a “P” loop.)

Step #9

how to make earringshow to make earringsHammer the wire flat using a chasing hammer.  If you don’t have a chasing hammer, you can really use any hammer you have around the house for this, too.

Step #10

how to make earringsOpen up the loops at the ends of the hammered wires like you would open up a jump ring.

Step #11

how to make earringshow to make earringsAdd the wires to the bottom loop.  I put the long wire in the middle and the two shorter on either side.

Step #12

how to make earringsAdd your earring wires and you’re done!

how to make earringsIdeas to customize:

  • Add more beads to the bead link.
  • Make it without the spiral coils.
  • Make the dangles shorter.
  • Add more dangles.
  • Add beads to the dangles – make sure not to make your earrings too heavy, though!
  • Add spirals to the ends of the dangles before hammering them.
  • Mix and match metals.

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