Simplicity and Meaning in Jewelry Design

SimplicityI am drawn to sparkly big jewelry, but I don’t often wear it.  I do have some beautiful elaborate statement pieces, but in my day to day jewelry I tend to go for simplicity.

Even in my jewelry designs, even though some are pretty unique and some pretty funky, for the most part they are more on the simple side.

Amulet Sometimes a particular material, supply or component will just call to you.  That was the case with this Thai Buddhist Amulet.

I love old things and things that look worn out.  I love the beauty of them.  I also love all abandoned buildings and places with history.  I love unique places and things.

And I love the beauty of this seemingly simple charm.

When I received it I considered what I would create with it.  Would I add it to a charm bracelet that I already have that has so many meaningful charms?  Would I put it on a chain with some other charms?

Finally I settled on this:

AmuletI simply added it to a long brass chain.  I knew I would want to wear it often.  It was handcrafted in Thailand of tarnished metal.  I did not want to take away from the amulet at all, so I left the necklace simple.

Amulet 2I made this necklace, put it on and I haven’t taken it off since.  I’m also considering a simple brass chain bracelet with this on it, but so far I love the simplicity of the long chain that it’s on.

Thia Buddhist Amulets are said to endow the owner with either a protective quality or would herald the coming of good luck and fortune.

The meaningfulness of the amulet is enough on its own.  The simpleness of the design (and I would hardly call this a design of mine, I simply added it to a chain), shows that the amulet itself has significant meaning.

Although I do agree with da Vinci’s quote above, I do think there is room for sparkly and flashy jewelry as well.  Big, bold statement pieces to jazz up an outfit and make you feel terrific.  Fun, funky jewelry to express your joyful and happy nature.  All of it.  It’s all wonderful and fun.  It’s the joy of being able to make your own jewelry.  You can make whatever you want.  And you can change your mind whenever you want, too!


If you’re interested in making this simple necklace, here are the materials:

  • Brass chain (I got mine at A.C. Moore – it’s not actually brass, but brass colored.  You can certainly get brass chain other places as well.)
  • Brass lobster clasp (again from A.C.Moore)
  • A couple of brass jump rings (I had these in my collection already, but you can get them also at A.C.Moore or other places.)
  • You just need wire cutters to cut the chain and a couple of pairs of pliers to open the jump rings.

In seconds you can have a simple and meaningful necklace.

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