Simple Scrapbook Guide Step 4: Creating Layouts

Simple Scrapbook Guide

If you’ve been following along then you have gotten yourself organized, put your supplies together, learned out to make a fun embellishment and created a cover page for your traditional scrapbook.

For easy reference here are the first steps:

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Make an embellished brad

Simple Scrapbook Guide Step 4

Today we are creating our first layout!  Then you’ll have all the skills you need to complete your scrapbook.  Because really, a scrapbook is just a series of layouts.

Here I’ll show you the very first layout of my wedding scrapbook.  I’m starting with the decorations from my wedding.

(The actual photographs were taken by Erin Quintana Photography.  She did an amazing job!)

Step #1

Traditional Scrapbook TutorialYou’ll recall that I’m making an 8 x 8 scrapbook, so it’s small.  It just fits 2 photos on each page.  Honestly, it makes it a lot simpler, but on the other hand, there is less room for a lot of decoration and embellishment.  Your scrapbook may have a lot more detail than mine does.

Step 1 is to pull out your first photos and start designing.

A layout is just comprised of paper, embellishments, photos and journaling.  So choose photos, paper, accent paper, embellishments and any other memorabilia you may want to use.

Step #2

Embellished BradI used leftover tissue paper that was used to make the decorations at my wedding to make some embellishments for my layout.

For the tutorial to make the embellished brads, click here.

Step #3

Traditional Scrapbook Tutorial

I used 2 coordinating papers.  I love how they look together.  I had some scraps of the brown that were perfect to make an accent down the middle.  For the page with the horizontal photos, I placed the strip horizontally.  For the page with the vertical photos, I placed the stripe vertically.

Step #4

Traditional Scrapbook TutorialAdd the photos.

I used glue dots because for some reason I have a lot of them (they must have been on sale!)  I’m finding that I don’t actually like them that much and plan to switch when I used them up.

I think I don’t like them because of the little plastic squares you pull of them get everywhere!

Step #5

Traditional Scrapbook TutorialEmbellish the page.  I added my embellished brad flowers and a little painted bag that was from my wedding.  (It held lavender that my guests threw on us.)  It’s on the page with a photo of the bags, too.

I angled the top photo off the page and then cut of the excess.

Step #6

Traditional Scrapbook TutorialComplete the other page if you’re making a 2 page layout.

Step #7

Traditional Scrapbook TutorialSlip the pages into page protectors and into your scrapbook.

Continue for all your photos.

Traditional Scrapbook Tutorial

There are entire blogs just about creating layouts for scrapbooks, so this is a really simple overview.

If you’re just starting, you’ll find that your style will continue to evolve and change as you go.

If you get stuck:

  • Draw out ideas on scrap paper before you get started.
  • Experiment moving around photos, paper and embellishments before securing anything down.
  • Check out other people’s layouts on Pinterest for ideas.
  • Remember that you can always fix it or change it.  Just get started.

Simple Scrapbook Guide

I hope you enjoyed this simple introduction to scrapbooking.

If you’re just starting, you can start small with a few supplies and even a small album and go from there.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Step 1:  Photos

Step 2:  Supplies and Materials

Step 3:  Cover Page

Step 4:  Layouts (this post)

DIY Brad Embellishments

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