Simple Scrapbook Guide Step 3: Cover Page

Simple Scrapbook Guide

This week we’re making a cover page for our scrapbook.

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To learn how to make your own embellished brads, click here.

Simple Scrapbook Guide Step 3

Step 3 is creating the cover page.  It’s not really on the cover, but actually the very first page of the scrapbook.

I like to do a cover page first to set the tone of the scrapbook (depending on what kind of scrapbook it is.)

For this scrapbook, it’s only about my wedding.  I also usually do a yearlong scrapbook that has a lot of different events in it.  If it’s a big event, I’ll do a cover page within the scrapbook for that event and then follow it with the pages for the event.

You may want to wait until the end to do the cover page so you have a better idea of how you want the cover page to look.

Scrapbook Cover page Layout

I’ll show you the steps of how I made my cover page, but please make your own however you like.  I use some techniques like painting that other scrapbookers may not use.  You may or may not want to try it yourself.

Scrapbook Cover page LayoutI had a difficult time deciding exactly how I wanted it to look.  I was getting hung up because this was one of the most important events of my life and I was afraid of messing it up.

But then I thought, if I don’t like it, I can always change it.  I can even have photos printed again even if I can’t remove them, use different paper.

You can always change your mind.

To get myself thinking, I sketched out a general idea.

I thought about the elements and decorations of my wedding.  I had a green wedding, as in eco-friendly, but it was also green, as in the color.  So that would obviously would be an important color throughout the entire album.

Another major theme of my wedding was branches.  I hand painted branches on the invitations, programs and the bags that held the lavender that guests threw at us.  I also used branches for decoration.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3I used plain white scrapbook paper and used acrylic paint to paint trees for the background of my page.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3I wanted a title for my cover page.  I wrote it out in pencil first and then used my pens to fill it in.  Then I erased the pencil.

Note:  Make sure the pen is completely dry before you try to erase the pencil!

Create a simple scrapbook step 3I used green to fill in the writing as well.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3I made a few embellished brads to use on my cover page.  This tissue paper is the exact tissue paper I used to make decorations for my wedding!

For the Embellished Brad Tutorial, click here.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3I had a difficult choice for my cover photo because my photographer took so many great photos.  I decided on this cool legs shot that I loved.  Not only is it a cool shot, but it also showed that we got married on a dock on the river, which I wanted to somehow show on the cover.

Then I chose some background paper for the photo.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3

Create a simple scrapbook step 3I like to use glue dots to attach my elements, but a glue stick works, too.  There are plenty of adhesive choices and honestly what you use is just based on your own preferences.

Here’s step-by-step of how I layered my cover page:

Create a simple scrapbook step 3The background page.  Plain scrapbook paper that I painted.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3Photo mat paper.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3Adding the photo.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3The title.  I put it off to the side and then cut off the excess.

Create a simple scrapbook step 3Finally, I added the embellished brads I made.

If you’re unsure remember:

  • Sketch out ideas on scrap paper to get your creativity going.
  • You might want to create the cover after you do the rest of the scrapbook.
  • You can always change it!

Have fun!

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