Simple Scrapbook Guide Step 2: Supplies and Materials

Simple Scrapbook Guide

Step 1 was photos:  getting them printed and organized.  Now onto step 2.

Simple Scrapbook Guide Step 2

Simple Scrapbook Guide Step #2

It’s so much easier to have all of your materials and supplies together at the start of a project so you don’t have any reason to procrastinate.

Also, when you’re creating an album, you may want to have a theme throughout the album, so it’s a good idea to pull everything together at the start so you can be consistent throughout.

So before we get started with the actual scrapbooking, some initial preparation will be helpful:

#1  Go through your current stash.

If you already have paper and embellishments, look through it.  Make initial color and style decisions and pull out those supplies.

For example, my wedding was green (as in eco-friendly, but also my color was green) and outside in the trees next to a river.  So I’ll look for paper and embellishments that go along with that theme.

#2  Adhesive

Whatever you use to stick everything together, make sure you have a good supply so you don’t run out in the middle of the project.  I like using tape runners, but you may use glue sticks or glue dots or something else.

#3  Album and page protectors

What size album are you making?  Make sure you also have page protectors to fit it.

Again, just having everything ready before starting is really helpful for your flow once you get going with a project.

#4  Go shopping!

Using what you already have as a basis, add in more paper and embellishments if you need to. 

Remember to get an album, page protectors and stock up on adhesive as well.

#5  Cutting paper down

If you are making a smaller album (i.e. 8″ X 8″ or other size smaller than 12″ X 12″) I find it helpful to just cut the paper down to the correct size before even starting.

#6  Put it all in one place.

Gather up everything and put it together in one place.  That way when you have time to work on your album, everything is all together just waiting for you.

If you don’t have a dedicated work space, you can gather everything and put it in a basket or bin.  Now we’re ready to actually get started!

Simple Scrapbook Guide