Simple Scrapbook Guide: DIY Brad Embellishments

Simple Scrapbook Guide

In case you missed the first two steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Last week we were getting ready to start scrapping by pulling together our supplies.

Today we’re going to take a little side trip to learn how to make our own supplies:   embellished brads.  They are super cute and so easy to make yourself!

Embellished Brad

Embellished Brad Tutorial

Tools and Materials:

  • Brads.  You can use the ones you find with scrapbooking supplies or here I used brads from the office supply store.  Note:  The office supply store brads are not necessarily archival and they are also bigger and bulkier.
  • Paper.  I love using the tissue paper from sewing patterns, other tissue paper and scrapbook paper scraps.
  • Scissors.


You can use E6000 and buttons to make these even cuter.  Just use the E6000 to glue the button to the top of the brad and wait overnight to continue with the rest of the steps.  (This will make the brads very bulky, so it may not be a great idea for scrapbooking purposes, but definitely cute for other mixed media pieces.)

Step #1

Embellished BradTo make the puffy pattern tissue brad embellishments, cut 12 small circles.  You can use regular tissue paper or the tissue paper used in sewing patterns.

Embellished Brad Tutorial

Embellished Brad TutorialTo make the flat scrapbook paper embellished brads, cut out 3 different sized circles of paper.  This is a great way to use up little scraps of paper.  You could also use book pages, sheet music, dictionary pages, etc.

Step #2

Embellished Tissue Paper Brad

Embellished Tissue Paper Brad

Embellished Tissue Paper BradFold your tissue circles in half and in half again to find the middle.

Step #3

Embellished Tissue Paper BradEmbellished Tissue Paper BradFor the tissue paper brad embellishment, push the brad through the layers of the tissue paper.

Embellished Brad Tutorial

Embellished Brad Tutorial

IMG_1444For the scrapbook paper brad embellishments, you might need to use an awl to poke holes in the paper. Then put the brad through.

Step #4

Embellished Tissue Paper BradFor the tissue brad embellishment scrunch the paper up and then separate all the layers to make it look like a flower.

Step #5

Embellished Brad TutorialNow you can use the embellishments on your scrapbook layers.  Probably the flat scrapbook paper embellishments will work better on a traditional scrapbook.  The tissue paper embellishments work, but you’ll probably have to flatten it out a little more.

Have fun!!


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