Glass Tile Pendant WorkshopSmooth, slick glass tile pendants (along with scrabble tile pendants) are by far my most popular selling jewelry.

And with good reason.  You can make then with any image or paper!  I would customize them with all kinds of things:  photographs, mini collages, artwork, sheet music, Japanese paper, scrapbook paper, dictionary pages, etc.

You can make anything you want!  They are totally customizable!

Glass Tile Pendant WorkshopThe first time I taught a live workshop, this is what I taught.  You don’t need any special jewelry making skills to make them and you can very easily be successful in making a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewelry.

Great even for kids (although they may need a bit of help with parts depending on their age)!

With this tutorial, you get the right to sell what you make from this tutorial (and a lot of jewelry patterns and workshops do not give you that right), so you can make them and sell them.

For this tutorial only, I have a bit of an exception for teaching to groups for sale (see ** below).  I’ve had customers make them for church sales and for fundraising in nursing homes.  I make them as fundraisers for a few local nonprofits.**

I first created this tutorial years ago when I taught the workshop in person and now I have updated it and added a 40 minute video.  The video and accompanying eBook also include how to make a cord to place your pendant on when it’s done!

You’ll learn how to make these pendants, how to make the cord and how to resize photos in a very nontechnical way to use to make pendants.

You could carry around your favorite pet’s photo, photo of children, favorite vacation spot, etc.  Or scan your own artwork or your children’s artwork, scan it, resize it and make it into a pendant.

To get started, click the button below.  You’ll receive a PDF tutorial in your inbox immediately.  In that PDF you’ll find the link to the private video portion of the workshop.

Any questions, please let me know!

Glass Tile Pendant Workshop
Glass Tile Pendant Workshop
How to Make Glass Tile Pendants, eBook and video included.

**Prior to purchase, to make sure there are no misunderstandings, contact me to request permission to teach this tutorial to groups.  Groups as I mentioned here will be okay (ie girl scouts, retirement communities, nonprofits, etc.), but I do request that you let me know what the nature of the group you’d be teaching prior to you doing so.  If your intent is to teach this to any group, please contact me first.

I do not typically grant this type of permission (teaching to groups) on most of my workshops, courses and books, but I’m making a special exception with this particular one because I know it has been successful for many groups in the past and I would love to help others.  If you are in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area and would like to book me to teach your group in person, contact me to set something up.