Inspired eCourse

4 Weeks

Art Journal Inspiration

To Inspired Jewelry Pieces

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Inspired eCourse will:

  • Boost your creativity and give you endless amounts of inspiration.  Not just in the eCourse itself, but these are skills you can put in your toolbox for a lifetime!
  • Help you feel more creative.
  • Help you build your confidence in expressing your creativity.
  • Help you feel more fulfilled.
  • Help you express yourself in both your art journal and with the jewelry you ultimately create.
  • Plus you’ll have an art journal of inspiration and jewelry pieces to express yourself!

Inspired eCourse

Have you ever found yourself lacking inspiration for your jewelry pieces?  (I know I have!)

Having another form of creativity can help you feel more inspired and creative overall.  But not just that, we’ll be taking inspiration directly from our art journal pages to create our jewelry pages.

I’ll give you prompts and activities for your art journal.  Your art journal will become an endless source of creative inspiration for your jewelry making.

Then I’ll show you exactly how to take your art journal page, pull out all the inspiration and translate it into a piece of jewelry.

You’ll have examples from me of art journal pages and how to get from one step to the next and I’ll even share a jewelry tutorial each week to give you even more inspiration.

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Inspired eCourse

What if you’ve never done an art journal before?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can simply make lists if that’s what your comfortable with.  And I’ll encourage you along the way to add in more.  You don’t need any special skills or artist abilities.  You’re expressing yourself and no one else even needs to see your pages.

Plus, you’ll get an introduction into art journaling that will be straightforward.  You can choose how you want to express yourself on your pages.  You can use words, drawing, doodles, collage, painting, crayons, anything at all!  I’m going to show you all kinds of ideas in the introduction and throughout the eCourse.

Inspired eCourse

Results you’ll get from Inspired eCourse:

  • The beginning of an art journal that will be your companion for a lifetime!
  • At least 4 pieces of inspired, meaningful jewelry that you make yourself.
  • You’ll have endless ideas and know how to get more if you feel creatively blocked in the future.
  • You’ll feel more creative.
  • A sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Inspired eCourse

Exactly what you get in this eCourse:

  • An in depth introduction into art journaling that is super helpful for beginners, plus great ideas for you even if you are more advanced in art journaling.
  • Weekly lessons that include:  an art journal prompt, a creativity boosting activity, taking inspiration from your art journal page and how to translate that into a piece of jewelry that you design yourself plus a jewelry tutorial to give you further inspiration.
  • Bonus mid-week prompts to help inspire you further.
  • My friendly videos helping you.  It’s like I’m there with you.  🙂
  • Clear, detailed instructions on the jewelry tutorials.
  • Lots of ideas and examples.
  • PDFs of everything.
  • A private, password protected page where you can access everything again and again in the future.
  • Priority email access to me for any questions or if you get stuck along the way.

Inspired eCourse

Plus you get my learning guarantee!

Learning Guarantee

My customers tell me again and again how clear and simple my tutorials are to use.  In video, I take my time and make sure that you have all the information that you need to be successful.  The videos are shot so you can clearly see what I’m doing.  It’s my viewpoint looking at my hands – even better than learning in person because there’s no other way for you to have that vantage point in any other way.

My PDFs contain clear, close up shots of every step along with clearly written instructions.  I do not assume you know something and leave it out like other tutorial writers do.  I assume this is your first time for every technique I teach.  (If you know the technique, you can skip to parts you don’t know or you may get a new perspective on the technique.)

I’ve been told I make complex things seem simple.  That’s because I break everything down into precise, small steps.  If you take your time and are patient, I believe you can do everything one step at a time.

I’m friendly and approachable.  If you have questions along the way, I would love to answer them.  That’s what I’m here for.  If I can’t help via email, I’ve been known to make special videos.  And if you have the question, chances are that others might as well, so I truly do encourage questions.


I’ve also been called inspiring.  This class is all about inspiration.  I want you to feel inspired.

This is a different sort of class for me.  I’m known for my jewelry tutorials.  People ask me all the time where do I get my inspiration and creativity.  I created Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse as an answer for that and it’s been very popular.

This is sort of the follow up to that class, but it’s also quite different.  I am sharing a jewelry tutorial each week, but this class is more about finding your own inspiration and designing and creating your own unique jewelry pieces.

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I have been making jewelry since I was a child and professionally making and selling jewelry for close to 10 years.  I had a retail space for years and now I’m teaching others about jewelry making.  I’ve held several online eCourses and sold lots of patterns.

I am asked all the time where do I get my inspiration and creativity?  I believe that everyone is creative.  Sometimes you just need to find it again.  I created this eCourse to help you with that.

Art journaling is something that anyone can do.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or complex.  (Or it can be as artsy as you like!)

When I started doing other creative ventures I also felt so much more creative in my jewelry making as well.  And I want to share that with you, too.

Other teachers:

  • Don’t explain everything because they make certain assumptions that you know things.
  • To save space they leave out details.
  • Their patterns are jumbled together and difficult to follow and read.
  • They give you 1 way of doing it without any inspiration or ideas to change or customize it.
  • Their photos aren’t as clear and their instructions aren’t clear.
  • Their videos show them making things, but not from a bird’s eye view.
  • Give you instructions on how to make jewelry, but the creativity and inspiration may be missing.  This eCourse is all about creativity and inspiration and I have tons of ideas for you!