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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy Charm Bracelet eCourse?

I’m currently updating it to make it even more awesome and it will be opening back up for registration on October 14, 2016!

You do not want to miss it because there’s going to be a great package deal!

Get on the list so you don’t miss it (and get my FREE Intro to Wire Wrapping eCourse while you’re waiting!)

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How is the eCourse delivered?

Immediately upon purchase, you will receive a welcome letter with everything you need to know to access all the course materials.

The eCourse includes video tutorials of everything plus PDF/eBooks as well.  I provide the eBooks because I know that a lot of you like to print out tutorials to make it easier to take them to your workspace.

When I make my purchase, what will I receive?

You will get a PDF welcome letter with links to the eCourse Access page that has everything, including the Charm Bracelet eBook.

What if I get behind?

No problem, work at your own pace.  You have lifetime access to the eCourse.

What if I have questions?

You have priority email access to me during the eCourse to ask any questions you may have during class.

You can email me via the contact page if you have questions prior to purchase.

What does priority email access mean?

Priority email access simply means I’ll answer your questions right away.  During most days I will respond right away.  If it’s overnight where I am (East coast of the U.S.) then there will be a delay.

I’ll give you a special subject line to use in your emails so they get my immediate attention.

What kind of charm bracelets are we talking about?  Are you going to teach me to metalsmith?

On the eCourse sales page is a list of everything you’ll learn.  I do not teach metalsmithing, so you won’t be learning to cast your own charms.

You will learn how to make make bead dangles, decorative wire charms, decorative headpins, chain, clasp, how to create your own photo charms.

Do I have to have paypal to purchase?

No.  The payment is processed through paypal, but you don’t have to sign up for an account with paypal (or even use your paypal account if you have one).  There’s a link after you click the “pay with paypal” button when checking out to checkout with a credit card.  (Yes, it is still processed through paypal, though, on my end.)

I’m new to jewelry making, is this for me?

I will teach you every thing clearly and with step by step instructions.  However, if you’ve never tried to make jewelry before at all it could be challenging.

I suggest that you try my FREE Intro to Wire Wrapping eCourse first if you’re hesitant.  You can sign up for that over here >>>>>>

If you’re feeling confident and enthusiastic, give it a try!

I have made jewelry before, is this for me?

You’ll learn new techniques and get inspiration to spark your creativity!

Any other questions?

Feel free to email me.

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