Mixed Media Art Quote Cards – Index Card Art

Mixed Media Art Quote Cards


Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

I have a fun and inspiring project for you today that’s not only creative and inspiring while you’re doing it, but will give you lots of inspiration in the future as well.

I first got the idea for making art on index cards from Daisy Yellow.  She has an annual Index Card a Day Challenge (coming up June – July.)  However, I couldn’t wait until then to give index card art a try.

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

I have tons of index cards because it’s one way I save and organize jewelry ideas.  There’s something about a stack of index cards that I really love.

I wanted to create a collection of mixed media quote cards on index cards.  The cards themselves are art, but then I’d also have the quotes for inspiration in the future as well.

(Watch for an upcoming blogpost on how to actually use these quote cards to inspire your creativity.)

Here’s a video tutorial on how to make a quote card:

First I found 21 quotes that were inspiring.  For a list of all the quotes I used, click here:  21 Quotes But, of course, feel free to use any quotes that you find inspiring.

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Then I used watercolors and painted backgrounds on my index cards.  I used blank index cards, but you could make really cute cards with the lined ones as well.

(Even the paper towels I used under the cards were really pretty!)

I didn’t like how flimsy they seemed, so I glued another index card to the back of all of my cards to make them stronger.

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

I did some doodling on some of the cards.  I like to use silver or gold pens and just make marks like circles or squares or even feathers.

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Then I added layers of ephemera and other embellishments using a tape runner.  (A glue stick would work fine, too.)

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

I wrote out the quotes by hand and placed them on top.  (I ended up putting the authors’ names on the back of the card on most of the quote cards.)

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Most of the ephemera I use is scrapbook paper, old books and old sheet music.  I keep a collection of small-ish scraps for art journaling that are perfect for small scale art like this.

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

The butterflies I used are fabric.

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Other ideas for your quote cards:

  • If you’re not into collage, you could just do the watercolor background and just write out the quote on top.
  • Use any other art implement you like:  crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.  Make it your own!
  • Use any kind of art you enjoy or anything you would like to try on these little cards.
  • If you’re not into inspirational quotes, then just make art on index cards.  It’s a lot of fun!
  • Punch a hole in the corner and then use a ring to hold them together (or just wrap some lace or a ribbon around them to keep them together.)
  • To find different inspirational quotes, just use Google and use the word “quote” along with any word you’re trying to find quotes about.  If you’re looking for quotes about creativity, then just look up creativity quotes, for example.

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

Next week I’ll share some ways to use these mixed media quote cards including using them for art journal inspiration as well as inspiration for your jewelry designs, so stay tuned for that!

Mixed Media Quote Index Cards

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