Welcome to Lesson 5!

Today you’ll learn about the main tools you’ll use in wire wrapping.


PDF eBook:  Quick Start Guide – Tools

To get started wire wrapping, you need 3 basic tools. 

(a fourth tool will be pretty helpful, too.)

3 Basic Wire Wrapping ToolsWire Cutters

You can actually get started with a basic pair that you may already have around; however, you’ll quickly want to get a better pair.

How to use wire cutters:

You use wire cutters to make 2 different types of cuts:  a flush cut and a pinch cut.  Depending what side of the cutters you use is the kind of cut you’ll make.

how to use wire cuttersThe flat side will make a flush cut.  In all of the tutorials I share you want to start with making sure each side has a flush cut.

how to use wire cuttersThat’s what the flush cut looks like.  It’s cut straight.

how to use wire cuttersWhen you use the other side you make a pinch cut.

(And actually, every time you cut wire off to use, one piece will have a flush cut and one will have a pinch cut.)

how to use wire cuttersThat’s what a pinch cut looks like.

How to use round nose pliersRound Nose Pliers:

Round nose pliers are used for making loops and bends with wire and only for that.

How to Use Round Nose Pliers

How to use round nose pliersOne thing that I use round nose pliers for is to begin spirals.

How to use round nose pliersRound nose pliers are also use to make loops.  Here I’m starting a wire wrapped loop to make a bead dangle. There is a wire wrapped loop on one end and a spiral on the other end.

You can learn how to make both in Wire Wrapping for Beginners eCourse.

How to use round nose pliersHow to Use Chain Nose PliersChain Nose Pliers:

Chain nose pliers are basically used for everything.  It’s like an extension of your hands when you’re wire wrapping.

You’ll want to have a second pair of chain nose pliers, or I actually suggest that you get bent nose pliers in addition to chain nose pliers.

For jewelry making, make sure the pliers are smooth and do not have teeth on the inside.

How to use chain nose pliers:

Use chain nose pliers to hold wire, wrap wire and bend and twist wire.

How to Use Chain Nose PliersHold a loop wire wrapping it.

How to Use Chain Nose PliersWhile holding the loop with one pair of pliers, wrap the wire around with another pair of pliers.   I’m holding the loop with bent nose pliers.  I’ll usually either hold the loop with the bent nose or actually do the wrapping with the bent nose while holding the loop with chain nose.

How to Use Chain Nose PliersHere I’m making a spiral.  Once you make the original loop, you use chain nose pliers to continue the spiral.

You’ll use chain nose pliers for everything you make when wire wrapping.

Action Step:

It’s time to get some tools!  Do you have any tools that you can use?

If not, you can get a starter set at a great deal at a jewelry supply store or craft store.  Look for coupons and you’ll get an even better deal.

Get the best quality you can for the budget you have.  You can upgrade to better tools as you learn.  Plus you’ll know what tools you use the most and want to upgrade if you wait until you’ve been making jewelry for a while to upgrade.