Wire Temper

Welcome to Lesson 2

Wire Temper is simply the hardness of the wire:  dead soft, half-hard or hard (a/k/a full hard).

In the video and PDF you’ll get a quick overview.

It is 100 percent fine (and also I recommend this for beginners!) to use craft wire you find at jewelry stores (sometimes called artisan wire, silver plated copper, or German wire).  In my experience, it works the same as half-hard, which is what I use the most.

Be wary of memory wire.  Memory wire is not for wire wrapping.  It’s great for what it is for – memory wire projects – but does not work for wire wrapping.


PDF eBook:  Quick Start Guide – Wire Temper

Action Step:

Just watch the video, read the PDF and learn about wire temper.

I’ll give you suggestions about where to get wire in Lesson 4.