Quick Start Guide to Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide to Wire Wrapped Jewelry!

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I am going to guide you through getting started with making wire wrapped jewelry.

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We’ll start with wire safety and information about wire, tools and then learn some wire wrapping techniques that are the basic building blocks of wire wrapped jewelry.  With these simple techniques you can make tons of jewelry!

I’ll also show you a simple project that you can create yourself (just from wire and a couple of beads) to get started!

(In Wire Wrapping for Beginners, a unique eCourse that gives you tons of techniques and then “recipes” to put the techniques together to make awesome jewelry, I share a lot more techniques and tons of jewelry project ideas.  You’ll develop confidence in your wire jewelry making skills and be able to design your very own pieces.  Wire Wrapping for Beginners will be available soon!)

About the videos:

You can play the videos right on the lesson page, watch them on Vimeo or even download them. To download them click on the “vimeo” on the right lower corner.  When the video opens you’ll see an option to download the video.  (Note: these videos are large and will take up a lot of room on your device.)

About the PDF eBooks: 

To download you can right click the link for the PDF and then click “save as” or just click the link to open the PDF.  The PDFs contain the same information as the videos, but I know that many of you prefer PDFs!

There are individual PDFs for each lesson or you can download the full PDF at the bottom of this page.


If you have any questions about anything in this guide, feel free to email me privately at Kim@KimberlieKohler.com. Or you can post a question in the comment section below (where it says reply.)

Share Your Work:

I would love to see what you’re making!  You can post a photo below in the comment section.

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Wire Safety

Wire Temper

Wire Gauge

Where to get wire


3 Tips

Wire Wrapped Loop

Bead Dangle

Earring Wires

Simple Earrings

Full PDF for all of the lessons:  Quick Start Guide – Full

Next Steps:

Now that you have this introduction, you’ll really get a lot out of Wire Wrapping for Beginners eCourse!

In Wire Wrapping for Beginners, I show you many different wire jewelry techniques and then show you lots of jewelry projects.  I give you the “recipes” to put the jewelry pieces together with the different techniques.

Wire Wrapping for Beginners is a great way to go deeper with wire wrapping skills PLUS it encourages you and inspires you to try designing your own pieces.

Learn more here:  Wire Wrapping for Beginners.