Inspiration Book Series: Prompt 1

Inspiration Book Series

Want to feel more inspired and creative every day?

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My new free Inspiration Book Series will help you!

Each week get a creatively inspiring prompt right here on my website.  Do the prompt in your Inspiration book and feel more inspired!

(For an introduction to the Inspiration Book Series, click here.)

Prompt #1:  Color Collage

Watch the video:

Inspiration Book Series Prompt 1

Prompt 1 is all about color.


  • Go through old magazines and pull out pictures where you are really attracted to the colors.  (There’s a tip for finding old magazines in the Inspiration Book Series Introduction.)
  • If you like it, cut it out even if it’s colors that you normally aren’t attracted to.
  • Make a collage in your Inspiration Book
  • Look at your collage.  Is there anything interesting or revealing?


  • Just cut out the pictures or even pieces of pictures that you like the best.  Remember, we’re just thinking about color here, so the actual picture doesn’t necessarily matter, but just the colors in it.
  • Glue down the pictures in your Inspiration Book using a glue stick.
  • You can arrange things first before you glue them down or just go for it.
  • I want to remind you to let go of perfection.  This book is for you.  The most important thing is to make your Inspiration Book and use it.  (Sometimes perfection can be a great procrastination tool!)

Inspiration Book Series Prompt 1


Are there any surprises in your color choices?

Or maybe this just reinforced what you already know to be your favorite colors.

Any colors that are used together in ways that you hadn’t tried before?

I don’t normally love the color yellow, but yellow showed up a lot in my color collage.  So I’m going to think about yellow when I’m choosing colors for my jewelry designs in the future. I also love how the light pink and yellow look together, so I’ll try that combination in the future as well.

You may want to write down your findings in your Inspiration Book.

Inspiration Book Series Prompt 1

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