Pile on the Bracelets!

Stacking BraceletsStacking BraceletsI love wearing a bunch of bracelets at one time.  Pile them on, stack them up!  I love mixing them up.  I love adding more and more.

I think it’s hard to go wrong with stacking up bracelets.  I keep within a color theme.  Sometimes that theme is “colorful” and I’ll add all the colors of the rainbow.  Sometimes it’s like the above black and white theme.  Depending on your outfit, you could definitely through in a pop of color!

Mixing and matching metals is perfectly fine!

Mixing and matching bracelet styles is great and a lot of fun.  I love digging out my old bracelets that I made when I started making jewelry all those years ago and adding them to the mix.

Stacking BraceletsBreakdown of this pile of bracelets:

(And how you can make your own.)

The first few are bangle bracelets.  To learn how to make them, click here to go to ECT TV Episode 15.

Fabric Bangle BraceletIMG_1693 IMG_1698

IMG_1700Bangle BraceletThen I added a few of my older beaded bracelets.  To learn how to string, click here.  (That video I’m making a necklace, but obviously just make it shorter for a bracelet.)

IMG_1688 IMG_1690

IMG_1695 IMG_1691And finally, a stretch bracelet, which you can learn how to make here.

IMG_1697Separately, these bracelets are fine, but together they really make a statement!

Stacking BraceletsHere’s another stack that I like to wear quite often.

Stacked braceletsIn this one I mix brass with silver and I really love that combination.

Here’s the breakdown:

This is a bracelet I show how to make in Bracelet Boot Camp.  It has 3 beaded stands, plus a chain.

braceletNext are two really simple bracelets that have silver feather charms on brass chain.  You can learn how to make them in ECT Episode 13.

braceletAnd finally a spiral bangle in silver to add a little more silver to the mixing and matching.  Learn how to make this bracelet in the Spiral Wire Jewelry eBook.

braceletWhat bracelets do you have in your collection that you can mix up and pile on?


Continue the bracelet love by joining in on the Charm Bracelet eCourse.

Learn how to make everything for your charm bracelet:  chain, headpins, bead dangles, photo charms, wire charms, clasp.  Or use some elements that you get from the store instead of making your own.

Try chunky and funky or dainty and elegant.  It’s up to you.

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