Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Ombre is all the rage! I love the look of one color fading into another into another . . .

If you love it, too, this is a quick and easy bracelet.

Ombre Bracelet


Materials and Tools:

  • Seed beads in 3 different shades.  I used a dark green, a light green and clear.  You could use more colors if you wanted to, but just adjust the amount of beads so they’re even.
  • Beading wire.
  • A small amount of chain (perfect for using leftover chain, which is what I did.)
  • 12 4mm jump rings
  • 4 7mm jump rings
  • Crimp beads (I used 24)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

Step #1

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Measure across the top of your wrist (the chain will be about half the length around your wrist) and add a few extra inches so you have room to work and cut the beading wire.

I cut about about 7 1/2″ total.

Cut 3 pieces.

Step #2

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Grab a 4mm jump ring.  Make sure that it’s closed securely.  This would also be a good time to use soldered jump rings instead.  These jump rings do not need to be opened again.

Step #3

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial


Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Put the beading wire around the jump ring.  Add a crimp bead, a bead and another crimp bead.  (I always use 2 crimp beads.)  Close the crimp beads securely.

Step #4

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Add the darkest color.  When you’re adding the beads, thread the beads over the end of the other wire, too.  I used 20 seed beads, but you may need to adjust that number based on how long your wire is.

Step #5

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Add the middle color.  Again, I used about 20 beads here.

Step #6

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Add the lightest color.  For this, I used 15 beads, but my clear beads were a little bit larger than my green beads.

Step #7

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Follow step #3 for the other side.

Step #8

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Trim off the excess wire.

Step #9

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial


Make 3 identical beaded strands.

Step #10

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial


Open a 7 mm jump ring, add the jump rings at one end of the 3 strands and close the jump ring.

Step #11

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial


Braid the 3 strands.  I did this relatively loosely.

Step #12

Open a 7 mm jump ring and add the other ends of the 3 strands jump rings.

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial


Cut chain in the length to go across the rest of your wrist to complete the bracelet.  Cut in half.  Then add one half to the 7 mm jump ring and close.

Open the 7 mm jump ring on the other end, add the chain and close.

Step #13

Add a clasp and you’re done!

Ombre Bracelet Tutorial


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  1. Julie says:

    I love this bracelet!! I’m going to try it tomorrow with my 9 year old grandson who needs some help with hand/eye co-ordination. It’s simple enough, yet the finished product looks like it’s much more complicated.
    I found the step by step instructions along with the pictures to be most informative. Thanks so much. I look forward to tackling this project!

  2. Rick says:

    Hi Kim,

    Great simple and elegant bracelet. As a beginner, I was just wondering what size seed beads you used (guessing an 11/0)? Also, how do you think using a 6/0 or 8/0 instead of an 11/0 or 10/0 would look with this particular design?



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