Nature Themed Art Journal Page

Art Journal made with Binder

As I’ve been sharing, I’ve really been into my Art Journal and Nature Journal lately.  Of course, my main passion and creative expression is jewelry making, but expressing your creativity in a way that’s not your usual medium can inspire you in different ways and even bring more creativity into your main medium as well.

Let’s take a look in my art journal at my latest page.

Nature Themed Art Journal Page

I finished this page last night.  I had the idea percolating for a couple of days.  I had been wanting to try some of the watercolor techniques found in this awesome post.

Also I started reading Art Journal Art Journey by Nichole Rae and wanted to make a list for a page as she does in her art journals.  I’m also drawn to her use of her own photos in her art journal pages, so I knew I wanted to include some photos of my own.

We had visited C & O Canal in Williamsport, Maryland a couple months ago and I took tons of photos, especially of the dragonflies.  This year more than ever before I have seen so many dragonflies everywhere and at the canal there were tons of them.

C & O Canal

The other photo on the page is from a boat trip we took up the canal.

C & O Canal

More than just a reflection of this trip, though, my art journal page is about my feelings about being in nature.  So while the photos are from this trip, the emotions I am expressing are about nature in general.

How I made my page:

Nature Art Journal 9-30-15 b

I made the background using a salt technique with watercolor using both yellow and green watercolors.  (I found the salt technique on the website I linked to above.)

Nature Art Journal 9-30-15 b

I made a word association list for the page about nature.  I simply typed whatever came to mind in that moment.  (Since then more words have come to mind of course, but this is what happened in that particular moment.)

I have an old dictionary and I made a copy of the page with “nature” on it.

Nature Art Journal 9-30-15

I cut my photos out into circles.  I have circle templates that I used.

Once the watercolor background was dry, I attached the dictionary page and the word association list.

To make the painted circles around the photos,  I made the two sizes of circles on scrap paper and put them on the page and painted around them.  And then I added the photos.

The circles are painted with acrylic paint.

Nature Themed Art Journal Page

What I got out of making this page:

1.  Watercolors are fun!  I used to use watercolor more often in painting until I discovered acrylic and never went back to watercolors.  When I found the post with all the different techniques, I knew I wanted to try some of them.  It is so much fun to experiment with watercolors.

2.  Inspiration.  I am so inspired to make a piece of jewelry inspired by this page now.  Spending the time thinking about and working on the page makes me want to create the same emotions and feelings for a piece of jewelry.

3.  Patience.  Acrylics dry so much faster than watercolor.  I had to wait for that background to dry before I could continue.

Have you done any art journaling?

If not, maybe you would like to try.  You can doodle or write poetry or try just making a word association list if painting makes you freeze.  (You can use the prompt nature and just see what comes up!)

Let me know if you do try!  (You can hit reply and leave a comment here on this post.)

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