My Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Necklace

Since I’m a jewelry designer, one of the most important aspects of my wedding – to me – was my jewelry.  In fact, a friend of mine who didn’t make it to the wedding was saying, I can’t wait to see pictures of your dress!

I replied, “The dress?  Who cares about the dress?  Wait until you see the jewelry!”

Wedding Bracelet

I knew what the bracelet would look like months prior to the wedding.  I love designing, making and wearing bracelets.

It’s full of upcycled chandelier crystals and pearls.

Wedding Earrings

I used my Beaded Bunch Earring tutorial for the earrings, also using ucycled chandelier crystals and pearls.  (You can get the invidual tutorial here or it’s also a project in Wire Wrapping for Beginners eCourse.)

It was the necklace that I wasn’t sure about.  In fact, I designed it as I made it.  I changed it.  Then I worried about it.

I like really clean, simple jewelry and I thought the necklace I created wasn’t simple.  But the design was clean and once I stopped worrying about it I knew it would be beautiful.

Wedding Necklace

I felt more like a bride when I put on the necklace than I did when I put on my dress to be honest.

Every since the wedding, the necklace has been on display on a canvas necklace holder that I made.  (It matches the Canvas Earring Holder that I showed you how to make here.)  Beautiful jewelry deserves to be on display.

I wasn’t sure if I would actually wear this necklace again, but I have!  I’ve worn it for a holiday party and got all kinds of compliments on it.

Sometimes, you should just go with your gut on things like jewelry and not overthink it.

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