My Favorite Necklace & Why

My Favorite Necklace and Why

My very favorite necklace.

As you may imagine – and as may be the case for you if you make jewelry, too – I have a significant amount of jewelry.  There are pieces that I wear with certain outfits, pieces for special occasions only and pieces that I wear only once in a while.

Every so often I get hooked on a piece of jewelry that I wear all the time, even almost every single day.

For me, that is this necklace.

My Favorite Necklace and Why

I wear this necklace all the time.  The other day I was at my stepdaughter’s graduation party and I had given my stepdaughter an album filled with photos I had taken for prom for her.  I was in one of the photos and I was wearing this necklace.  I was also wearing the necklace at the party.  My mom pointed this out to me and really all I could do was laugh.  What can I say?  I love this necklace.

But why?

So if you’ve been following along with this blog, you may have done my free mini workshop this week.  (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) I mentioned that turquoise was one of my favorite colors.  That I wear mostly black and white, but when I do wear colors, the colors I most often wear are in the turquoise/green/blue color scheme.  So that brings us to the first reason I love this necklace.

#1  It’s one of my favorite colors. 

It matches my outfits when I do wear colors.  I also wear it with my black and white outfits, too and it adds a pop of color to them.

#2  It’s my favorite stone.

The necklace using my favorite stone, which is turquoise.  I have a lot of turquoise jewelry.  Turquoise is a protector stone and I love that about it, but I mostly love the color.

#3  It goes with a lot of my outfits.

I mentioned this above, but it goes with a lot of my clothes.

#4  I love the design.

I absolutely love this design.  As you may know, I really like simple, clean jewelry designs.  This piece is a little more complicated, but it’s still simple in design.

I also love that it combine techniques.  My husband even noticed it the first time I wore it.  Well, he said that necklace looks like 2 of your necklaces combined.

And that was really the point with this necklace.  Combining designs in a different way.

#5  I love wearing my own designs and I’m particularly proud of this one.

This necklace feels like me.  I designed it.  People will often comment on my jewelry and I’m especially proud to tell them that I designed and made this piece.

My Favorite Necklace and Why

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry and why?

It can be a piece that you made or not.  What do you love about the jewelry piece?  Why do you love it.  Dig down and use it as inspiration for your next jewelry design.

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