My Favorite Earrings & Why

Favorite Earrings

I love earrings and I probably couldn’t pick my favorite pair, so I chose 4 of my favorites that I wear over and over again.

#1  Tassel Earrings.

I love these because they go with so much and I love the way they dangle.  I love chain.  I adore tassels and these earrings include them both.

#2  Beaded Chandelier Earrings.

These earrings are beautiful!  I love all the colors and the fact that I made all the headpins for the bead dangles.  I adore chandelier findings.  (As you can probably tell because there are 2 included in my favorites.)

I can’t wear them all the time, but I love wearing them whenever I get the chance.

#3  Layered earrings.

I have warmed up to these earrings.  I loved them when I made them, but didn’t wear them a lot.  Now I wear them all the time.  The beads are recycled glass.  I made the spiral charms (and I love spirals) and dragonflies have been appearing more and more in my life lately.

#4  Chain Chandelier Earrings.

Like I mentioned, I love a chandelier earring finding.  The chains are edgier and I also like how I can wear these with a lot of things.

Do you love earrings?  What are you favorites?

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