My Dad

Dad and I at my Wedding

My mom always says I’m a daddy’s girl and that my father will do anything for me.  I’m actually very close to both of my parents.  But my father would do anything for me.  (Truth be told, he would do anything for anyone.  He would take the shirt off his back if you needed it.)

When I asked him to make me a cupcake holder out of trees for my wedding, he did.

cupcake stand from a tree

Actually, that is just one small thing out of the many things my dad made for the wedding.  He spent countless hours preparing the property for the wedding after flooding that didn’t really subside until the day of the wedding.

Plus he made these:

Ball Jar Laterns

I’m like my dad in a lot of ways.  I have his dry sense of humor.  I’m tall.  We think alike in a lot of ways.

We both are fearless when making things.

When I asked him to make my cupcake stand, he didn’t question how he was going to make it.  In fact, he just went out and started making it.  I don’t think it occurred to him that he couldn’t make it or it would work out.  Or perhaps he just figured if it didn’t work out one way, he would find another.  As you can see, it was perfect.

I’m like that with crafting.  I don’t worry about projects not working out.  I just go for it.  If it doesn’t work out one way, I’ll find another way.  Often when you “mess up” a project, you actually find a new way of doing something.

I am so grateful for my fearless father and what he has taught me through the years.

To the best father in the world, Happy Father’s Day!

All photos in this post are from my wedding and taken by Erin Quintana Photography.  (Amazing photographer extraordinaire!)

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