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Art Journal made with Binder

Today I have a video showing my new binder art journal that I put together.  It’s not jewelry making related….or is it?  🙂

The more creative you are, the more creative you are.  So I have a lot of different creative outlets and they all make me feel more creative, even if it’s not exactly the same medium.

That being said, I don’t talking about jewelry or have any jewelry tips for you in this video, so if you’re not interested in my new art journal, I promise I won’t be offended if you don’t watch it!

In the video I promised some photos of my art journal pages.  These are all blank so far!  As you saw in the video I did complete one page so far and I’m working another one.

So here are some photos:

Binder Art Journal

At the moment this is the first page, but, of course, this is a binder so it may get switched around eventually.  This is a paper from a 6″ X 6″ scrapbook paper pad I love.  I do mostly pocket page scrapbooking now, so I can’t imagine exactly how I would make this particular paper work.  I love it, so I added it here.  (I have a second page just like this if I do decide I want to use it in a scrapbook.

Binder Art Journal

I added some small ephemera to give it some interest.  There’s an old library card catalog and a bingo card.

Binder Art Journal

That’s another small scrapbook paper that I really like that will be perfect for journaling.

Binder Art Journal

This is from a Griffin and Sabine calendar I had several years ago.  It had a lot of art that I love in it, so I’ve saved a lot of the pages.  (There is a reason I’m a craft hoarder!)  As I mentioned in the video, I will probably use these pages more as inspiration and not really paint or draw over them, but I guess only time will tell.

Binder Art Journal

This was from an old address book I don’t use anymore.  I love the map.  I actually meant to add in some other maps, too, which I may add in later.  That’s a great benefit to this being a binder, I can add, remove and move around pages at any time.

Binder Art Journal

Another library catalog card plus the front of a piece of sheet music that I thought was beautiful.

Binder Art Journal

That small card is an example of a Project Life card that I punched holes in and added.  I used a few throughout so I can add quotes or some journaling.

Binder Art Journal

This example is a small scrap of some art paper I had saved and behind it is a calendar page.

For any of the papers throughout, I may use them as a background, use them in artwork in the journal or just leave them as they are in the journal.  Since it’s all in a binder, it’s very flexible.

Binder Art Journal

As I mentioned in the video, I used a small 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ binder from Target.  Then I simply gathered up different ephemera and punched holes in it.  A big majority of the pages are plain cardstock that I cut in half so I would have plenty of room for making art.

I hope this inspires you and I would love to know if you’re going to make your own art journal.  You can leave a comment below. 🙂


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