Mixed Media Painting Experience

mixed media painting projectI’m hesitant to share this piece and the process because this artwork was such a personal journey for me.

I have often wished I was a better painter and just never did it because I *knew* the painting would be horrible.

My process through this painting basically has taught me that even if I don’t like what I painted, there is always the option to paint over it and make it more of what you want.

After taking a walk in the park, I had an idea of what sort of artwork I wanted to make here, but I changed it as I went along.  I was going to add even more layers to it (fabric, more 3D objects) but it felt complete, so I decided to leave it as is.

I can always add to it later if I change my mind.

I knew I wanted a tree theme, so I painted leaves in acrylic paint for the first layer.

mixed media painting project

Next I added watercolors

mixed media painting projectAnd more layers of watercolors:

mixed media painting projectI missed taking a photo of the next layer.  Ironically, this is the layer I hated and thought I messed up the entire painting.

I splattered orange paint all over the painting.  After it was done, it looked like Christmas to me – the orange was very red and the leaves looked like holly leaves.

The next morning I realized that I wanted less of the leaves showing through, and definitely less of the orange.  I considered painting over the entire piece for a fresh start, but decided I actually did like the orange and the leaves, but wanted to see less of them.

So I painted in a darker green over the painting in swirls.  I like how it gives the painting a feeling of movement.

mixed media painting projectFinally, I added the finishing touches – the tree branches and the button flower.  I picked up the branches on a walk in the nearby park.  The button flower is reminiscent of the flowers I also saw on my walk.

mixed media painting project

mixed media painting project

mixed media painting projectEven though I have considered adding more, I like the simplicity of it the way it is now, and will probably leave it this way.

Remember, if you think you have “ruined” a project, you most likely haven’t.  You can usually either fix or add to anything you are making.  Don’t give up or throw away your project out of frustration, just give it a little more time.

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