Mini Binder Art Journal – Introduction

Mini Binder Art Journal Introduction

I’ve started a fun new art journal!

I’ve made an art journal in this format before and it can be really freeing.  I’ve been feeling kind of overwhelmed with all the ideas and things I’ve wanted to do.  I’m hoping this art journal will just give me some freedom to create what I feel like creating any given day.

Mini Binder Art Journal Introduction

Here’s a little introduction video:


  • I got a mini binder from Target.
  • It came with some extra accessories.  I probably won’t use the dividers, but I’ll use the envelope page and the ruler.
  • I also got a Strathmore Mixed Media notebook that is the perfect size to go with the mini binder.  The pages are perforated and I will rip them all out, hole punch them and put them in the binder so it’s not just blank when I want to use it, which would make it more overwhelming.
  • I’m planning to do a page each day.  Whatever I feel like doing that day, I’ll just do and put in my binder.

Come back next Friday to get an update and see some pages I’ve created so far.

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