Making Time For Creativity

Making Time for Creativity

Last week felt pretty hectic and I felt like I lost my focus and center because I was away over the long weekend and then the week was shorter because of the extra day off.

I felt like I was having trouble just keeping up with my normal routine and that there was no time to do anything extra like be creative.

Not expressing my creativity made me feel even more frazzled.

I struggle with time and I know that you do, too.  Sometimes it feels impossible to take time for yourself.

I have the solution.

You make the time.

It sounds so easier and it is really.  I know you have a list of to dos and errands and there’s nothing on that list about “me time.”

Creativity is vital for your well-being.  Creativity allows us to transform our reality. Creativity is freedom.  Creativity gives you the opportunity to express yourself.


So how do you make time?

Schedule it in.  Make it an unbreakable appointment in your calendar.

I have a new practice every Monday morning that I am walking to a park and spending time by the creek there.  Sometimes I read, write in my journal, write poems, take photos, put my feet in the creek and just notice everything with all of my senses.

Truth be told, I didn’t have this time before I started doing it.  I didn’t have an entire morning to spare.

But then I did it.  And I did it again. And now I do have the time because it’s just what I do.  It has made a huge difference on my well-being, so it’s important to me.

Is there a time each day or even each week that you can set aside for time for yourself so you can work on something creative?

Another great way to make time for your creative practice is to take a class! 

Make time this summer to be creative each week with me with Inspired eCourse.

I’ll send you an email every Monday morning with the week’s lesson, but you can schedule a time for yourself that works for you to work on the lesson each week.

Start an art journaling practice that you’ll have for a lifetime and learn to take the inspiration from your art journal pages to make your own unique, creative jewelry pieces.

Inspired is an art journaling and jewelry making eCourse.  Each week for 4 weeks you’ll get a creativity activity/art journal prompt.  Then you’ll make an art journal page. Then I show you how to take the inspiration from your art journal page and design a jewelry piece.

Each week you’ll get videos and tons of examples and you also get a step-by-step tutorial for a jewelry piece.

This eCourse only runs once or twice a year and this is your last chance for 2016.

This is great for beginner art journalists.  I’ll show you lots of tips and hints.  This is also great if you’re an art journalist who wants to learn how take the inspiration from your art journals and make jewelry from it.

Learn more:  Inspired eCourse

Inspired eCourse

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