Intro to Wire Wrapping Workshop Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Earring Wires and Earring Project

When I first learned how to make earring wires, it was almost life changing for me.  I had been making jewelry for quite a while before I realized how easy these are to make!

I know that sometimes they can be frustrating to make, but give them a try and keep practicing.  You can always buy pre-made earring wires if you prefer, but this is a handy skill to have.

PDF for Lesson 5:

Earring Wires:

Simple Bead Dangle Earrings:

Here it is, your first jewelry project!

These earrings are simple, elegant and versatile. You can use any beads you like; however, be conscienious about the weight of the beads. Beads that are too heavy will pull on your earlobes.