Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Welcome to the Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop!

This chain is a lot of fun.  It’s lovely and dainty, but also really unique.

You can use the chain for necklaces, bracelets or anklets of any length.


If you need assistance with anything – including anything technical, scroll to the bottom of this page for helpful hints and then contact me if those hints don’t help!  There are instructions for downloading the PDF and Videos there as well.


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eWorkshop Video:

How to Properly Open and Close Jump Rings:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Materials and Tools:

  • 20 gauge half-hard round wire *
  • 2 jump rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers
  • Sharpie marker
  • Ruler
  • Optional:  Crimp tool

*Wire:  You may use any metal you prefer.  I suggest 20 gauge because it’s thick enough to be sturdy, but still able to be bent relatively easily.

You can experiment with other gauges if you like, of course.

I use ParaWire, which is a silver plated wire that’s non tarnish.  If you’re using ParaWire or a craft or some other coated copper wire you may find that there isn’t a hardness marking.  In my experience most of these wires are pretty similar to half-hard and will work for this project.

I highly recommend using a less expensive wire (not silver) while you’re learning and practicing.

Step #1

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

In order to keep all of our loops the same size throughout the project, I recommend using a sharpie marker and making a mark on your round nose pliers.  Throughout the project you’ll line your wire up on that mark thus making your loops uniform.

It doesn’t particularly matter where you make the mark, just that you use it consistently throughout the project.  In this case I would suggest making the mark somewhat close to the tip to make a relatively small loop.

Step #2

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Cut 3 inches of wire and make sure each end is flush cut.

Note:  You can experiment with different lengths for the links, but I would suggest using the same length throughout the project.  (Or you could vary the lengths if you prefer.  It’s your chain!)

To make a flush cut use the back of the wire cutters (the flatter side that is not concave) toward the work.

Step #3

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Now we’ll make a loop on one end.

Hold the wire in round nose pliers.  Line up the wire with the mark you made in Step #1.  The wire should be at the top of the pliers, but not poking through the top.

Twist your wrist holding the pliers away from you as you wrap the wire around the pliers. Twist as far as your wrist will allow.  Then readjust your pliers and wrist, making sure to line up the wire with the mark you made, and twist away again completing the loop.

Step #4


Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

On the other end of the wire we’ll make a “knot.”

About an inch from the end bend the wire and then push in the wire so it’s close.


Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Use your crimp tool (some people call these crimp pliers) to push the bend in.

Step #5

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Hold the bend part of the wire in chain nose pliers and bend up the shorter end of the wire making a little notch.

Step #6

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Wrap the wire around in a messy fashion so it looks like a knot.  (You could do it nice and neat if you prefer.)

This part can get a little tricky and difficult because you’re trying to wrap the end, but also hold it by the very tip.

Sometimes your wire will start to harden and you’ll just have to cut off the extra little bit at the end.

In other cases you can keep wrapping until you run out of wire.

If you cut off the end, make sure to make a flush cut.

In either case, use your chain nose pliers to make sure the end is not poking out.

Step #7

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Cut off another piece of wire to 3 inches.  This time start by making a knot on one end using Steps #4, #5 and #6 above.

Step #8

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Slide the wire through the loop of the previous link.  Then make a loop like in Step #3 on the other end.

Then continue Steps #7 and #8 to continue to add links to your chain until it is your desired length.

Tip:  Stop one link before it’s the perfect length because we’ll add one more link to finish the chain.

Step #9

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

You’ll notice that the chain is kind of jagged and would be difficult to wear.  So we’re going to bend each link so that it lies flat.

Simply go link by link and bend up the end of the wire right by the knot.

Step #10

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

The chain has a loop at one end and a knot at the other end.  We need to add another link to the knot end so that we can attach a clasp.

Cut another piece of wire and create a loop on each side just like you’ve been making loops all along in this project.

Note:  You can make this link the same length as all the other links or change the size so can make your chain fit perfectly.

Step #11

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Open one of the loops just like you would open a jump ring.  Don’t pull out to the side, but pull towards you.  The loop will stay a circle, but be open.

Then place knot from the last link in and close the loop the opposite of how you opened it.

Step #12

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Use a jump ring to attach the lobster clasp on one side and a jump ring on the other side for the lobster clasp to hook into.  (I used a 4mm jump ring to attach the clasp and a 7mm jump ring on the other side.)

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Knotted Link Chain eWorkshop

Now you can make a necklace, bracelet and/or anklet!

Have fun!!

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