Jewelry Making Tool Organization

Jewelry Making Tool Organization

I never really thought too much about organizing my tools in a way that worked for me.  I basically kept them all in a big basket and would grab what I needed out of the basket whenever I was making jewelry.

Then I started to accumulate more and more tools.  I had old ones that I don’t use along with the new ones I use constantly.  I was always digging around.

Then I found this acrylic tool holder.

Jewelry Making Tool Organization

To be honest, I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference.  I figured that I would basically do what I did before, but instead of digging around a basket they would be neatly hanging on this tool organizer.

I was wrong!  This has helped so significantly in my work flow.  I have all of my most used tools right at my fingertips at any time.  I can move it around easily to wherever I’m working.  When I’m making my ETC TV videos, I have everything right there.  I don’t have to stop what I’m doing because I suddenly need to grab a tool I forgot to grab.

At first I tried putting a lot more tools on this thing.  It didn’t work as well.  Now I have the tools that I use most often and it works great!

I got mine at Fire Mountain Gems, but I think these are pretty common at most jewelry supply stores.

How do you organize your jewelry making tools?

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